“Cumorah Hill, Mormonism, Joseph Smith” (All in my backyard)

Posted: November 1, 2007 by Rick Hogaboam in Heresy
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A picture of the Cumorah Hill, where legend has it that Joseph Smith befriended an Angel named Moroni, who entrusted him with golden plates full of Egyptian Hieroglyphics, containing the Book of Mormon. Anyhow, this is located right near me in Palmyra, New York (where I happen to get Chinese food quite a bit by the way). The hill also is a perfect sledding hill in the winter. Also, this serves as the site of a yearly pageant that includes a huge cast and special effects, quite a show I hear. It is also frequented by a professing group of Christians whom I have heard dress up like Joseph Smith and Satan, depicting Satan having his way with the tormented Smith… I, however, object to such a drama and would probably much prefer the Heretical pageant for purely entertainment purposes…but don’t deny the truth that Smith may in fact be suffering such a horrible fate. I have yet to meet a Mormon who has cited this expedition as wooing them to the Evangelical faith….can you figure why not? I think Paul said something about truth in love, right? Anyhow, this concludes the longest picture caption you have seen in your life.




Growing up, I befriended quite a few Mormons and actually considered a couple to be my closest friends for a time. I was welcomed by their families into their homes and was even asked to lead a devotion and prayer before dinner on one occasion. I would engage in numerous theological discussions and found myself doing more research than the typical high school student. One thing became painfully clear in my research: the LDS Church was no church of Jesus Christ. I attended their services, their Sunday school, and conversed with the local bishop (who was my friend’s father) and realized that their theology was not Biblical. We were both convinced in our beliefs and thought the other was in error, which prompted a loving disposition of winning the other over.


I am well aware of the accounts of Joseph Smith obtaining the gold plates on the Cumorah Hill in Palmyra and was very interested in visiting the hill when Bob Young (elder at my church) was giving me a tour of the area in my first visit to the Church. I continue to be astounded a hill in Palmyra is the source for the faith of millions in one of the fastest growing religious sects in the world. It all comes down to whether or not Joseph Smith received plates on that hill, and I am convinced not. It is interesting to note that when Joseph Smith was a young adolescent, a traveling magician and diviner came through Palmyra and drew the curiosity of the young Smith. This diviner carried along with him magic stones that he said would allow him to find buried treasure. He would offer his services to the locals at $3 a day to search their property. No treasure was found, but the young Smith remained intrigued by the thoughts of magical stones and became a clone of sorts. He offered his own services and once traveled to Damascus, New York to find treasure that he said was buried by the Spaniards. Many joined in the excavation work and no treasure came up…Smith said to keep digging because an enchantment lowered it deeper. At this, people labeled Smith a charlatan and ceased their digging. By the way, Smith was getting paid quite well from this venture.


Smith later details how magical rocks aided him in his translation of the words found upon the gold plates that he received from the angel Moroni on the Cumorah Hill. I wish not to assault Joseph Smith and his now many followers, but rather point out the great danger that exists in fascination with the occult. The young Smith was fascinated by the itinerant diviner that came through Palmyra and it birthed within him an ongoing search for the mysterious and hidden. This venture was unfruitful for the young Smith, so he went on to create a fable that would lend credence to his professed abilities and in doing so, founded a religious movement that has so recklessly banked their faith upon Smith’s credibility and reliability.


Whether Smith’s story is a mere fabrication or his occult fascination invited the adversary as an angel of light to actually encounter him and lead him in his findings…we can clearly say that Satan was at work, as he is both the author of all lies and the one whose presence is found in occult pursuits. It was not surprising to hear, after moving here, that Palmyra has a history of occult incidents and Satanic worship. It has also been brought to my attention that the Wayne County region has a whole has given place to occult practices and falsity (including the Fox sisters and the rise of Spiritualism). It is my prayer that God would bless Palmyra and rid it of all occult fascination and bring forth the light of His Son, who is the eternal truth. May Wayne County behold the truth in Christ and turn from the darkness that would seek to bind her. May we prove faithful in our defense of the one true gospel and call our Mormon friends back to the church of the one and true Jesus Christ.

  1. Matt Lowe says:


    I was reading Under the Banner of Heaven, by Jon Krakauer and wanted to see a picture of the Cumorah Hill. Yours was the best…though on the 3rd Google page. Arrrgh!

    As a believer in Jesus, I couldn’t agree with your blog more. It astounds me that Mormonism growing so rapidly. It seems as unbelievable as Scientology! I do have a secret addiction to Big Love on HBO, though. LOL. You should read this book if you haven’t already. It’s pretty fascinating.

    As a fellow blogger, I had to leave a post. It always makes me feel pretty great when someone comments on my blog…especially when it’s not my mom.

    Anyway, take care, and if I don’t meet you here I’ll meet you there!


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