Got a Journal?

Posted: November 1, 2007 by Rick Hogaboam in Devotional
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Jonathan Edwards

There is no definitive right or wrong way to keep a journal, but I just wanted to offer some ideas on what I am doing in my journal taking and would love to hear what some of you do.


First off, I am making reference more to a journal of a devotional nature, containing reflective thoughts on texts of Scripture, prayers, questions for God, etc. I try to journal everyday, but sometimes skip a day. I do realize that one can get in the habit of skipping days and they add up to where you just give up. I try to be careful about that, but have had those experiences as well.


Anyhow, right now, I am simply reading a single chapter of Scripture and then dialoging with the text in my journal. I will often offer praise and thanksgiving for something in the text that causes doxology in my soul and note it. I will also make comments about new insights received from the text or even jot down a question I have for further review. I usually end the journal entry with a written prayer that is related somehow to the text. While journaling as such, I am not using a study Bible or commentaries of any sort. I am simply dialoguing with the text of Scripture on my finite understanding of it.


I mark down the chapter read and the date. If you keep up with one a day, you will journal the whole Bible in about three years. I suggest purchasing a hardcover journal (book bound) from a local bookstore. They will run for about $5-10 for a cheaper one. It will last for a longtime and you can store it in a personal library or pass it down to your children someday.


Another type of journaling that I like to do is write poetry or prayers. I have purchased a nicer leather bound journal for these entries. Maybe once a week or so, I would recommend putting your artistic skills to use and compose a poem, a song, or a prayer. You can compose a nighttime prayer for a child of yours, a mealtime family prayer, a poem for a special occasion or holiday. Imagine having a special journal with written out prayers for every thanksgiving meal, poems for every Christmas, prayer/poems for relatives birthdays and more. You can encourage family members to contribute to this journal and reference it for future prayers at special occasions.


Lastly, I want to mention another type of journaling, which is very special and will require much patience. Buy a large leather bound journal and write out the entire Bible in it. Again, if you write out a chapter a day, it will take 3 years. You can even take turns in your family and it can truly become a “family Bible”, one that adorns a special place in your home. You can read from this Bible for family devotions, holidays, etc. I have yet to do this, but hope to one day accomplish such a task. It will also serve as a touching gift for your children when you will pass on…of much more value than a family heirloom. It would be awesome if I had a written out Bible from an ancient relative.


Well, I would love to hear what your thoughts are and what some of you do for your personal journal time.


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