What’s a Fetus Worth?

Posted: November 1, 2007 by Rick Hogaboam in Abortion, Ethics, Politics, Social Issues
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Jan. 22, 2008 marks the 35 year anniversary of Roe V. Wade. It will also be acknowledged as “Life Sunday” in many churches across the land, where our attention will be brought to reflect upon the sanctity of human life and pray for the unthinkable act of abortion to be abolished. Scott Peterson was found guilty for double homicide of his wife Laci Peterson and yet born baby Conner. This case was front and center in the media for some time and I hope awakened people’s evaluation of the value of the unborn baby in the womb.

Scott Peterson was a man who loved the wild life and fought against the reality of growing responsibilities. He was engaged in an adulteress affair at the time of the murder and many think that the very reason he murdered his wife was to escape the responsibilities of fatherhood. Others suggest that he wanted to cash in on a life policy. Either way you look at it, the baby Conner was seen as a hindrance, because say even if he wanted cash from the life policy, he certainly didn’t want it with the responsibility of raising a child all by himself. There was certainly a motive to kill his wife before the baby was born. Scott Peterson was ultimately convicted on first degree murder for his wife and second degree murder for the fetus; which begs the question:


Why the inconsistency on the value we place upon the unborn fetus?


First of all, how can you say that the murder of the fetus was second degree compared to the first degree conviction of his wife? If anything, the murder of his wife was in every way prompted by the presence of the baby Conner in her womb. It was just as first degree as can be. Secondly, the state of California got it partly right in holding Peterson accountable for the baby, albeit second degree. The state even has enough sense in this case to realize that the baby has some value and couldn’t persuasively argue that Conner had no intrinsic value, nor was a factor in Peterson’s plotting. We see therefore a huge inconsistency in how the state views the value of human life. If Laci Peterson, herself, even without the consent of her husband, were to undergo an abortion of the fetus the very same day she was murdered, the state could care less and a large portion of the country just views it as something that is acceptable. But if Scott Peterson takes the baby’s life, without the consent of the mother, it is held against him as murder of a person.

I am in no way suggesting that Scott Peterson shouldn’t be held accountable for the murder of baby Conner. What I am questioning is how does the state have any authority to render a verdict that paints such an act as cold blooded murder in one case and would actually fight to protect the choice of the mother to perform the same act in another situation? Obviously, this country is divided on this issue and even our emotions are divided on this issue when confronted the complexity of the situations that prompt the murder of a baby. As one who is opposed to abortion, we alone are consistent in our position. Can you imagine Planned Parenthood protesting the conviction of Peterson because in their eyes Conner is only really a “non-viable tissue of mass”. I’m sure that Planned Parenthood, along with other pro-abortion groups were having a hard time hearing the media refer to Laci and Scott’s child as: “Conner”, “Unborn Son”, etc. they have fought long and hard to term the baby in other clinical tags, as the once mentioned “mass of tissue”, “zygote”, etc.

The media would have a field day and crucify Planned Parenthood if they protested the usage of the words “Conner” or “Baby” and lined up at the courthouse painting Scott Peterson as a victim of double homicide when it should rightly be single homicide. Pro abortion groups are smarter than that and stayed home biting their tongues. They can’t be consistent in their position because it would make them look cruel and inhumane. They exalt the judgment of the mother as being the sole determining factor of a baby’s viability and perpetuate the new ideals of convenience, a false freedom that binds, shamelessness, on and on. They know it, but want us to believe a lie…they would rather we close our minds and our hearts to the issue at stake in the Scott Peterson case. It is bad PR for them.

It is also ironic that as my wife was expecting our second little girl, my wife qualified for state assisted health care on the account of the little one in her stomach. I am grateful that the state deems our baby worthy of health care even though a couple of months into the pregnancy, when most pro-abortion groups would say that the baby is of no significance and has no inherent value. In fact, Mimi herself doesn’t qualify for health care, but the state will provide care throughout the pregnancy because the baby is deemed as precious and worth caring for. So, the state does recognize our baby as valuable, recognized Conner as valuable in convicting Peterson of murder, but fails to recognize unwanted babies as valuable.

As the media continues to perpetuate an image of Christians as brainwashed zealots, they only do so in their own blindness and complete disregard for the consistency in how we value human life: wanted or not, convenient or not, deformed or not, murdered or aborted (which is murder). Christian, may it never be said of us that we are cold-hearted. If you meet someone who has had an abortion, love them, love them, love them and exalt in the incredible mercy of God that forgives ALL sin. May our neighbors see us as anything but the red-faced angry religious zealots the media paints us to be, and instead encounter within us a loving embrace and hear from our lips and hearts truth spoken in love. Keep also in your prayers the many little ones right now who face an appointment with death in the name of convenience.


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