Who is Rick Hogaboam???

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My name is Rick Hogaboam, actually it is Richard Thomas Hogaboam. I am currently an Associate Pastor in the small New York upstate town of Marion. I am married with 3 children. I am the moderator for this blog as well.

Anyhow, I have a diverse background in various churches: Assembly of God, Calvary Chapel, Vineyard, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Foursquare, Presbyterian, Baptist, Reformed Church of America. My theological journey reflects much of my background. I have attended a Free Methodist College (Central Christian College of Kansas: http://www.centralchristian.edu/), the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa School of Ministry (http://www.ccsom.org/) and graduated from The King’s College (http://www.kingscollege.edu/). I am currently enrolled at the South Africa Theological Seminary (http://www.sats.edu.za/index_new.html) working on a M.Th. My thesis is titled, “The Charismatic Eschatos” and is basically a biblical theological examination of Peter’s Pentecostal sermon, especially his use of Joel 2:28-32 in understanding the Spirit’s outpouring.

My theology has grown and continues to grow. I am a 7 point Calvinist (yes, I said 7 points). For more on Calvinism, see: http://www.theopedia.com/TULIP. I would say that the 1st point should be “Creation” and affirming the goodness of what God made and the perfection that existed therein. Total Depravity follows the fall, but should be seen AFTER a right view of the goodness that previously existed before the fall. As for the 7th point, I would add after “Perseverance”, “Consummation” or “Glory”. I would add that God will redeem all things and make them new again. Our walk doesn’t end with persevering faith, but a perfected faith in glory. Therefore, I see the goodness and glory of God before “T=Total Depravity” and after “P=Perseverance of the Saints”. I think it is important to articulate TULIP as a sandwich between these 2 glorious categories of Creation and Consummation. Redemptive history BEGINS in Paradise and will END in Paradise, a much improved one by the way. At the same time, I claim absolute tension and humility when extolling the Sovereignty of God over all things.

I am also charismatic and influenced by Wayne Grudem (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Grudem) and Sam Storms (http://www.enjoyinggodministries.com/) on these points.  I take seriously the guidelines that Paul gives the church at Corinth. I am not an advocate of the mindless mysticism and charismatic chaos that unfortunately guides many in the Pentecostal/Chairsmatic world as a whole, but am also opposed to the Spirit-quenching environment that exists in many other churches.

I love the ministries of Mark Driscoll (http://www.marshillchurch.org/), John Piper (http://www.desiringgod.org/), and C.J. Mahaney (http://www.sovereigngraceministries.org/). All 3 are theologically Reformed and Charismatic and are doing a wonderful work in the church today. I even had the oppurtunity to study under John Piper when I was accepted into the Bethlehem Institute to do my Masters studies, but chose not to go at the Lord’s leading elsewhere.

I am influenced heavily by Redemptive History as seen through a Covenantal perspective. Meredith Kline (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meredith_G._Kline) and Geerhardus Vos (http://www.two-age.org/)have influenced me in this area. I would therefore clasify myself as “Covenantal” with regards to Redemptive History.

My piety is a mix of Charismatic and Purtianism into a wonderful blend that I call Christian Hedonism, influenced by John Piper’s, “Desiring God”. I am also a blend of “monastic” and “missional”. I believe that “means of grace” and Christian disciplines are helpful for personal growth…but not as an end in itself, so, I am also “missional”. I seek to be a missionary to the community and its culture, believing that the church must engage those on the outside rather than presume that folks will come to us on the inside. I love Jesus, love the Holy Spirit’s work in my full redemption (salvation, sanctification and empowering).

I appreciate God’s “common grace” and therefore appreciate and see God’s dealings in much of culture and the arts. I watch movies, read books, and enjoy sports (especially Baseball). Being “missional” means knowing the language of the people and finding redemptive analogies in the stories of culture. We should engage culture with discernment and always point to Christ in all of it. I am reminded by Paul on Mars Hill, how he was trying to point the crowd to Jesus through their own poetry and their idol to the unknown god. Paul read the poetry of the day, watched the sports of the day, and used it all to point to Christ. I seek to be like Paul in that regard…not merely a consumer of the arts, but a discerning en-gager with the intent of finding Jesus in everything.

I am first a Christian, Secondly an Evangelical, and lastly a Charismatic Neo-Calvinist. I say neo-Calvinist because I am not a full Calvinist with regards to his comprehensive theology as understood in the Institutes of Calvin.

Please know that I only use these labels to help clarify who I am. They are not identity markers that I wear on my sleeve. I only quote Calvin and other such theologians when it is helpful to clarify and delineate myself from others. At the end of the day, I believe in solid expository preaching that is faithful to the text of Scripture. Being the case, I want to be in the Word and pointing people to the Word.  

All in all, I think that my theological journey reflects much of what theologian Sam Storms has said about himself at:


I am a man on a journey towards heavenly Zion. Like “Christian” from Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, I seek to press on with my eyes on the prize. I believe that God is and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


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