Movie Review of “The Constant Gardener”

Posted: November 10, 2007 by Rick Hogaboam in Movie Reviews
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Interesting flick that seemed like a bunch of propaganda towards pharmaceutical companies. I guess it is cool to go after big business. Anyhow the movie challenged me to think through a few things.

At one time, Justin and Tessa are driving home from the hospital and see a couple teens from their village walking a newborn home. Tessa wants to give them a ride, but Justin opposes the idea because it was unsafe and he thought that helping a couple folks would make no difference in the big scheme of things. Fast forward now. Tessa has been murdered by some thugs hired by the corporation pushing new medicine because she was about to expose that the medicine was unsafe. Justin is restless and his soul has no rest. He wants to find out what happened. While investigating abroad, Justin has to flee to catch a UN flight out as some pillagers come into the town to kill, kidnap and loot. While running to the plane, he grabs and tries to bring on a young girl. The UN pilot refused to let her on. Justin tried paying money, but to no avail. She was left behind. Justin wanted to help just one even if the others would perish. He finally caught on to what Tessa meant when she wanted to provide a ride earlier in the film. If you can only help one, it is better than helping no-one. If everybody just helped one person, the world would be a better place.

I got to thinking and it is glorious that God reached down to even save one soul. It was worth sending Jesus to the cross if even just one soul was saved. God would be infinitely glorified in the salvation of a single soul. Thank God that He just didn’t give us over to death because we were a lost cause. He stepped in and did something about it. He was not complacent. We worship a rescuing God, who wants us to take His cue and likewise¬†rescue others. If I reach but one person for the gospel, it is worth it!!!


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