National Right to Life Endorses Thompson, SELLS OUT

Posted: November 13, 2007 by Rick Hogaboam in Abortion
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 Fred Thompson has been endorsed by NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE (,

When looking at his conflicting position, in which he is basically trying to have the best worlds, I am appalled that the National Right to Life would support him over Mike Huckabee. Thompson has supported 1st trimester abortions and has just recently stated that he wants to overturn Roe V. Wade, only to return the issue to the states (,

How can someone say that they believe that life begins at conception, but then support 1st trimester abortion? How can you say that the fetus is indeed human life, but not support at the federal level such a definition but simply leave it up to the states? Basically, it’s whatever the states decide. Apparently Thompson doesn’t believe that the constitution protects the right to life of the unborn or else he would think that such protection applies at the federal level. It’s ironic that National Right to Life basis their position on their understanding of the constitution, and yet Thompson does not support such a federal understanding of the law.

I simply don’t understand this endorsement, especially in light of the clear position of Mike Huckabee, who supports the protection of the unborn at the federal level.

Is this simply a selling out of the likes of Pat Robertson, etc. and other such conservative endorsements for Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson simply because they think Huckabee is not electable? If so, then this is sad indeed. The primaries exist for the expressed purpose of electing a nominee that best represents the party. Thompson says that he does not even believe that the Pro-life stance should be part of the Republican plank, and yet he is being endorsed by a pro-life group.

I think Mike Huckabee best represents the ideals of the Party and is basically being shunned. A recent head to head poll with Huckabee and Hillary Clinton shows only a 3 percent gap in the favor of Clinton ( Huckabee is very “electable” if people would actually support him rather than selling out, like the National Right to Life. I will no longer support the National Right to Life. By endorsing Thompson, they do not support the right to life at every trimester and for every preborn in every state of America.

My money will go to Huckabee in this primary season. The general election is a different story. Although I am nauseous at the idea of a Clinton-Giuliani election (two ambitious politicians who simply want to make a name for themselves, in my opinion). I feel it my duty to vote and will have to choose who the best candidate is. Until we get to that point, I am hoping that the options are different.

Go Huckabee!!!

  1. Braden says:

    Ron Paul does NOT represent the ideals of the GOP. He voted against 3 Unborn Victims of Violence Acts and the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. He opposed the Federal Amendment banning gay marriage. Rasmussen Reports’ newest poll on the GOP candidates finds Ron Paul the least conservative and the most liberal.

    Huckabee’s no angel either. He’s soft on illegal immigration. Some have even said that he destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas.

    Fred’s not my first choice, but I’ll take him over Paul or Huckabee.

  2. rickhogaboam says:

    Thanks for the comments. I was mentioning Paul because of his stated prolife position on his website and the fact that he has delivered many babies and refused to perform an abortion in his medical career or ever reccomend an abortion. As for Huckabee being soft on immigration, I think we need to wait and see. The public outcry is so strong that I think the candidates are getting the point. It can be argued that John McCain’s candidacy was doomed the moment he suported amnesty. It’s all so wide open. We’ll see what happens.

  3. […] check out an earlier post I made regarding the NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE’S endorsement of Thompson ( , where I make known my displeasure for all the “sell outs” who compromised their values to […]

  4. Clayton says:

    I live in Arkansas. You folks don’t understand what kind of state congress that Huckabee had to deal with. You also need to find out how strongly he opposes illegal immigration. The media is taking an isolated case about children in our state born to illegals and blowing it grossly out of proportion, like they always do. They never give you the details. Lastly, huckabee did not leave the conservative movement here dead, he was a leader of it. I am appalled at the National Right to Life and these other so-called evangelical leaders endorsing these other candidates. Have they also sold their souls?

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