Filmology (Movie Review) of “The Prestige” + Thoughts on Ambition

Posted: December 13, 2007 by Rick Hogaboam in Movie Reviews
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I had to watch this film twice because I am not as bright as others. You will probably have too as well in order to see everything. I thought the acting was very good by Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Michael Caine.

Anyhow, to sum this film up in two words: AMBITION KILLS

Ambition drives people to do the craziest things, and yes, even kill people to accomplish their goals. It seems that people today are sick and tired of being used to fulfill other people’s ambitions. Politicians are seen as crooked and dishonest. Even pastors are seen as users of people.

We must not let our ambitions hurt people. Our ambition should be to love others. I am reminded of Paul’s definition of love in 1 Corinthians 13. One thing that sticks out from this passage is how even a martyr could give themselves up to be killed, but if not motivated by love, then profits nothing. This was spoken in the context of very ambitious Christians who were flouting their Spiritual gifts with complete disregard for one another. Our gifts are given to edify and encourage one another. So also, in all of life, our ambitions need to be motivated by love for others, or else our accomplishments are in vain.

When Robert Angier is dying at the end of the film, Alfred Borden tells him that everything he did was for nothing. Angier then rants about how everything was not vain, only to die…a perfect illustration of how everything he did was vain and meaningless. Borden had previously decided that enough was enough and would no longer seek out Angier’s new trick in the never-ending game to one up each other. As a result, the film ends with Borden moving on in life with his daughter in hand. Sure he lost a lot, including his wife to suicide, but he eventually checked himself and got out of the game. Likewise, we can all repent of our ambition and where it will lead us…death. There is a better option…love.


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