Movie Review: “Over the Hedge” + Thoughts on God’s Love and Repentance

Posted: December 20, 2007 by Rick Hogaboam in Movie Reviews
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I liked the flick, that it was funny.

R.J. is a racoon on a mission to gather food for Vincent, who is a big bear threatening the life of R.J. if he doesn’t succeed. R.J. comes upon a family of animals who now face teh challenge of gathering food after a new housing development has invaded their once dependable supply of food. R.J. comes in and talks the crew into invading the homes and stealing food. R.J. has every intention to use everyone to gather as much food to take to Vincent, so he is really conning the others.

However, R.J. is welcomed as one of the family and loved sincerely. R.J. still follows through with his plan until he realizes that even after putting the others’ lives at risk and after being “found out”, he is still loved. He redeems himself by saving the others from the “VERMINATOR” and realizes that his heart is in family.

I am reminded that it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance. God loves us in spite of ourselves and the fact is that we don’t know how to handle love if we have never really felt it before, or if we have been abused by people who claimed to love us. We become untrusting, suspicious, on edge. God’s love melts all that away and brings us to joyful surrender when we realize that His love is sincere.

R.J. had not experienced love, thought it was phony. He did not know how to respond to it, other than to take advantage of it. He eventually realizes that to be loved is precious. He opts for family rather than a cold lonely life of scheming others. His life is marked by repentance. What a beautiful picture of God’s love working on the heart of an untrusting skeptic.


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