My Response to Some Gracious Mormons

Posted: December 21, 2007 by Rick Hogaboam in Missional Thought, Theology
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The following is my response to a couple posts from respectful and thoughtful Mormons. Their comments are found at:

Ty and Kenneth, Thanks for your thoughtful response. I have had past experiences with LDS folks as well and I have the utmost admiration for their way of life, love for family, and love for country. It is only natural that they should love country as they believe Jesus made a trip here to share the gospel, believe that the Garden of Eden is here in America, and believe that God restored a worldwide church in no other than America, by appearing to Joseph Smith in my backyard of Palmyra, New York.  Two of my closest friends in high school were LDS and I would attend church functions with them at times as they would do the same with me. One of my friend’s father was a bishop and he even allowed me to lead a devotion and prayer before a family meal at their home. To say the least, I was touched. Having said all that, I do assert that I have lots of problems with Mormon theology. I also admit that I hold various aspects of Christian theology in tension. It really boils down to my distrust of Joseph Smith and the constant revisions of the Mormon faith even though they consider Smith a prophet. I also admit that Christianity has constantly been evolving, and I consider myself part of the reformation heritage. It is Scripture, however that is unchanging, and therefore so long as my creed is clearly found in Scripture, I did not discover something new or create a new interpretation, but am grounded in the eternal testimony of Scripture. Moving on to Romney, I was questioning his attack ads. I did perhaps punch below the belt bringing his Mormonism into it…but my point is that I perceive the Mormon faith to be evolving so as to be perceived better by the mainstream public.  In other wards, they have adapted their positions so as to align themselves with mainstream acceptance…whether it is the polygamy issue, or blacks bearing the cursed mark placed on Cain and his descendants. To me, Romney is no different…he attends Planned Parenthood gatherings, donates money to the cause while trying to placate the people of Massachusetts, and is then pro-life when trying to rally the conservative base of the Republican party. There isn’t a whole lot of backbone there. Kenneth, you mentioned past and current Mormons that have served in office. Frankly, I like Senator Hatch because I think he was a solid public servant. The only litmus test I use is whether our public servants represented their constitutes well and at the same time stood by moral principles that are non-negotiable. I do have problems with Harry Reid and wonder why he isn’t excommunicated if the LDS church is serious about their statement regarding abortion. Do you have any insight in how a politician can be for abortion, or perhaps approve federal funding for abortion and at the same time resume their membership in the church? Ty, I am glad that you are supporting Ron Paul, think he is very admirable. I do pray that we will find ourselves to be brothers when Christ returns. I am grateful that you hold to the Apostle’s Creed. We probably differ on how we understand very important points of the Creed, which I may consider heretical…but it really boils down to whether your complete trust is in the atoning work of Christ on the Cross, that he suffered the wrath of God for our sin, and imputes to us His perfect righteousness and favor. That is my only hope…I trust in nothing else, not my good works, not the testimony of Joseph Smith, or even the testimony of John Calvin and Martin Luther.  

Like the thief on the cross, my cry to Jesus is, “Remember me in Your kingdom”. I am assured that He will, that he heard the desperate cry of a contrite sinner. That is my boast.


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