Music Review of Tommy Walker

Posted: January 17, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Music Reviews, Worship
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Tommy Walker has been one of my favorite worship leaders ever since I first heard his music. Some of teh songs that remain dear in my heart are: He Knows My Name, As We Worship You, That’s Why We Praise Him, Ah Lord God, Mourning into Dancing, How Lovely Your Dwelling Place, and Heavenly Touch. The favorite of all his songs is, “These Things Are True of You”. It is a song that glories in all that God is and then a plea to make such things true of us too. The communicable attributes of God are the very things that we should long for and this song is a perfect cry to be like Him in that way.

I have seen Tommy Walker live and he is entranced with the love of God when he leads in worship. His sound is unique and blends jazz, gospel, and contemporary music. What is also true of Tommy Walker’s music is that it is very singable and catchy. His music is able to incorporate various genres at high quality, yet remain simple to sing with, and above all…is gloriously God-saturated and God-centered.


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