Book Review of Jonathan Huntzinger’s Commentary on the Gospel of John

Posted: January 23, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Biblical Studies, Book Reviews, Pentecostal/Charismatic Interests
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Spirit-Filled Life New Testament Commentary Series, Vol. 3 (Spirit-Filled Life New Testament Commentary)

I am a former student of Dr. Huntzinger and I vouch for his academic competence as he was the most challenging professor I had at the King’s College. I took Greek from him and was the better for it.

This commentary on the gospel of John, as part of the new Spirit-Filled Life New Testament Commentary Series is a welcome contribution to the world of Biblical commentaries. Dr. Huntzinger shows an awareness of textual concerns and yets maintains a readability for the lay reader. This is no small feat to be academically engaging and yet readable. I also like the fact that the Greek is transposed in Greek font, as well as transliterated in English. Throughout the commentary, there are featured boxes or graphs, which highlight major themes or an in-depth word study.

For those who question the integrity of Pentecostal/Charismatic scholarship, you need not worry. The Holy Spirit isn’t emphasized on every age or imposed upon the text. This commentary series is really a confirmation of many scholars within the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement and a validation of their contributions. Craig Keener is another such scholar who has offered a commentary on John. Anyhow, for the suggested retail price of $16.99, I would say that it is priced perfectly for the lay reader who simply wants to engage John with greater depth, yet doesn’t compromise academic integrity.


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