Movie Review of “The Guardian”, A Glorious Picture of Particular Atonement

Posted: February 20, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Calvinism, Christology, Movie Reviews
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This video gives the movie away as does what I am about to say. Kevin Costner willingly died to save Ashton Kutcher. The only consolation for Costner was to know that he was indeed giving his life to save the life of another.

Jesus, likewise, went to the cross with His sheep on his heart and mind. Jesus was not dying to “open the door” or make salvation possible. Jesus died to save sinners. He saved me. He was thinking of me on the cross and died to secure my salvation definitely. While watching the end of this film, I can’t help but see Jesus leaving his disciples and going to the cross. He died so that I might live. Praise Him!!!


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