Movie Review of We Own the Night – Thoughts on Redemption and Secular Experience

Posted: February 25, 2008 by Chad in Movie Reviews
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Redemption and Secular Experience

James Gray’s violent tale of two brothers who are on opposite sides of the law begins with the “good son” getting promoted in his father’s police department and shortly after, raiding the “bad son’s” night club for drugs. Joe, the good cop, is wounded by drug dealers and the “bad son” Bobby, finds himself infiltrating the ring of drugs that is run out of his nightclub.

Respect for the Almighty is on all sides in this film, the straight police, Bobby and even the murdering, drug trafficking antagonist all express heartfelt respect for the Christian God.

Bobby, the prodigal son, leaves everything he has known to protect his family. His character arc is completed in the final scene when he and the police are in a shoot out with the drug cartel. When a police officer is shot right in front of Joe, he is so shaken, he is unable to continue with the operation. It’s the streetwise Bobby that is able to press on in attempt to capture the criminal. The hardening Bobby endured during his life as less than a model citizen is what enabled him to witness evil and not have the wind knocked out of him.

Being in the world was the training Bobby used for good.


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