The Untold Story of George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy…Africa

Posted: February 28, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Politics, Social Issues
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 George W. Bush and Bob Geldof

I was pleasantly surprised to see in Time Magazine’s latest edition a “Viewpoint” article from Bob Geldof on the effects of America’s foreign policy in Africa. There is a revised online version found here (,8599,1717934,00.html).

One quote from the article will summarize well the success of Bush’s foreign policy in Africa, “In Rwanda, prostitutes come to wave him on for saving them and their children’s lives” (Time, 2/3/2008, p. 39).

Praise must also go to Senators John Kerry and Bill Frist for initiating legislation in 2002 to combat the AIDS epidemic. It is a remarkable story indeed what is taking place in Africa.

When Iraq consumes the media’s attention, it is refreshing to see Time report on the president’s trip to Africa and what is taking place there. Kudos to them, however I think it was worthy of a front page picture rather than the feature of George Clooney, however handsome he may be.

  1. Chad says:

    I was reading that issue in the doctor’s office yesterday. I had two paragraphs left in the Clooney feature when then called me. DRAT!

  2. cheritycall says:

    hi, Do something to help those hungry people from Africa or India,
    I added this blog about that subject:

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