Music Review of “LeCrae”…Calvinist Rapper Getting Crunk with Puritan John Owen, John Piper, and more…WOW!!!

Posted: March 7, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Calvinism, Music Reviews
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Just listened to LeCrae’s most recent album, “When the Music Stops”. Besides getting “crunk” myself while listening, I was periodically doing double-takes with my ears as I heard some of the following words proceed from his lyrics:

“John Owen”, “Predestination”, “God’s Sovereignty”, “Missions exists because worship doesn’t”, “Missional” and MUCH MUCH more.

LeCrae is also featured on John Piper inspired “Don’t Waste Your Life” video podcast. Here is part 2 of a 3 part interview with LeCrae:

I just want to say that I am blessed by LeCrae and am grateful for his ministry. He not only engages deep thoughts into the glory of God in his lyrical content, but also ministers in a juvenile detention center. Check him out and share it with those who are soldout to overhyped studio badboy fictional thugged out rappers who seek  to make a name for themselves.

  1. karie says:


  2. rickhogaboam says:

    I happen to like Mark Driscoll, but do understand the controversy that he invokes. I think there is much to be learned from Driscoll. I wholeheartedly am encouraged by Piper’s influence on many young minds, like LeCrae. I too pray that we see more people influenced by Piper’s God-centered Theology.

  3. Karie says:

    Watched the video again. Lecrae says about the guys he met ‘they looked like me they dressed like me, but there was something different about them, they looked like me, they dressed like me ye THEY DIDN’T HAVE FOUL MOUTHS.’ Mark Driscoll has a foul, vulgar mouth, and always has to icorporate something “funny” or sarcastic or iappropriate into his messages.
    Here we have a rapper “those notorious for degrading women, foul mouthed, etc.” This guy says it was the appearance that was the same, but the MOUTH spoke differently. Maybe Mark Driscoll should have Lecrae for a role model instead of Chris Rock. If a cousin of mine, who is the prince of punk, should get saved, I would hope his lyrics and his actions on stage would demonstrate a change. And, by the way, where in the Bible or in church history, do we see godly men and women who lack character in their speech? I live in the SF Bay area, pagans and unbelievers, expect a higher standard from Christians, in their character and lifestyle,they are not impressed when we try to fit in with them. I really wish people would stop defending Mark Driscoll, he is intellegent, engaging, clever and a man pleaser, he can switch gears in a heart beat from poor little ex-emergent to Owens quoting calvinist, he is an actor and comedien, and people like you are making him a Christian rock star. If he is trying to reach the subcultures of America, why didn’t he start in Berkeley, Oakland, SF, Detroit, Chicago, DC, why are most of the churches white middle class soccer families, in white suburban towns? He can’t keep up the charade, he either has to come completely out of the ECM in every way, or continue to blend and compromise. God centered theology means that we please Christ and glorify him, not glorify ourselves and justify unacceptable behavior in His name. Show me the verses where He tolerates in any culure base and vulgar speech?

    • James says:

      If you are honestly comparing Mark Driscoll to Chris Rock, I’m not sure what sermon you watched. Mark Driscoll is a far cry from much of the worldly language out there. Lecrae says that the people didn’t have foul mouths – I’m sure that’s correct, but I wonder if Lecrae would say that Mark Driscoll was not a Christian because he occasionally said words that you consider foul? I doubt it. I have a feeling that there is more about Mark Driscoll than you see, and I’d also bet that Lecrae and many others would recognize this.

  4. rickhogaboam says:


    I very much appreciate and value your opinions. I myself do cringe at some of what Driscoll has said or written. I am not trying to make him a star. The fact is that he planted a church in Seattle and that he is reaching people who once viewed Christianity as some irrelevant sentimental religion for the weak…viewed Jesus as some hippie who would wear pink clothes and blow kisses to everyone. Those stereotypes are very real among emerging males and I am grateful that Driscoll has been able to articulate the Gospel and the person of Jesus in a raw and real fashion. His sermon series and recently released book, “Vintage Jesus”, has the acclaim of respected scholars who probably acknowledge the need for a “real” Jesus to be articulated to today’s emerging generations.

    As for base and vulgar speech, it is debatable whether Jesus, Paul, and others in fact used such. They did use intentional language to cause a reaction. In in oral culture, certain words were designed to invoke strong emotion. I think Driscoll is seeking a modern parallel to contextualize the original words (Hebrew/Greek) which were intended to cause a reaction from hearers. Where should the line be drawn and what words should be off limits is not a battle I will enter because I do see language as constantly shifting and even regionally textured. You have deemed that Driscoll has crossed that line and I don’y disagree with you. Your conscience on this matter is really the final say in your relationship with Christ and the type of church you would seek to fellowship with. My conscience hasn’t led me to draw the hard decisive conclusions you have drawn. Do I personally hold my breath once in awhile at the stuff from Driscoll? Yes. Has it led me to draw a hard conclusion on his ministry? No. That is simply where I am at right now.

    Thanks for your passion for the supremacy of Christ in all things!!! There are some who would even deem that listening to “Christian” rap is wrong. I have dealt with parents who have told me that they don’t like their kids listening to rap at all. There are some still who even think that all Christian artists who even express creativity in modern genres of music are compromising their faith. Just recently I had a phone conversation with a gentleman who swears that the King James Version of the Bible is the only perfectly inspired source for God’s word. The fact is that we Christians are guided in so many ways by our own conscience and the difficult challenge is to practice unity when believers hold different convictions of some of these things. The natural and normal tendency is to affiliate with like-minded folks and raise our banners based on certain convictions. We have “King James Only” churches, acapella only worship churches, etc. It is what it is. I am certain that Christ will obliterate these differences in the coming Kingdom and long for that day when we will dwell in perfect unity!!!

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  6. Also, I don’t know if you are aware of Driscoll’s recent apology for his pride. Perhaps reading his apology will help you understand him in a different light. For apology, see:

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