Redeemed from Complete Depravity – A Film Review of Shoot ‘Em Up

Posted: March 7, 2008 by Chad in Movie Reviews
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Ok, first of all, this is a bad movie. Like every stylized shoot ’em up film (hey, that’s the name of the movie!), the audience is divided between “gone to far” and “pulled it off.” Shoot ‘Em Up is in the first category. I however don’t believe it went too far, I don’t mind violence on screen, what I do mind is being insulted by MULTIPLE kills with a carrot. Does Shoot ‘Em Up rely too much on death by veggie?


A. O. Scott has a great review of the film. Read it.

One thing Mr. Scott doesn’t mention is the redemption in Monica Bellucci’s character. Once she has been saved from a life of prostitution, she visits a church and begins new life and a job as a waitress to make money. I was glad to see the church was used as a beacon of life change as opposed to the next venue for a shootout, ending in someone getting a carrot in one ear and out the other.



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