3/11/08 Devotional – Psalm 15 “Rejected”

Posted: March 11, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Biblical Studies, Devotional, Psalms
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Psa 15:1-5  A Psalm of David. O LORD, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill?  (2)  He who walks blamelessly and does what is right and speaks truth in his heart;  (3)  who does not slander with his tongue and does no evil to his neighbor, nor takes up a reproach against his friend;  (4)  in whose eyes a vile person is despised, but who honors those who fear the LORD; who swears to his own hurt and does not change;  (5)  who does not put out his money at interest and does not take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things shall never be moved.

Have you ever been rejected before? I have and it doesn't feel good. Maybe it's a job, college application, relationship, sports team, there are all types of rejection.

The greatest rejection I think one can feel is to know that we don't meet the admission requirements to go hang out with God. We fall way short. Just look at this list of requirements: walk blamelessly? Failed. Speaks truth? I've lied...so, failed. No slandering? I have made fun of people...so, failed. I can just stop now in desperation. We all can.

There is only one person who ever lived that met these requirements and his name is Jesus. The remarkable thing is that He has chosen to save people who don't deserve it and fill in our "rejected" with "accepted". Only He can do this!!! What great news!!!

  1. Gerri says:

    Thank you,
    This is just what I needed to pass on to my son, (and myself).

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