Clinton, Obama, holding my baby?? NOT!!

Posted: March 22, 2008 by mimi in Abortion, Politics
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 I would vehemently decline any opportunity for a pro-aborter/pro-choice to hold my baby, considering these very babies are the ones they believe are dispensable at a woman’s choice.  disgusting tragedy.  i cringed when i witnessed democrats at random rallies clips shown on tv, handing their babies over to these 2 democratic leaders to hold and take pictures with!  HELLO!!  THOSE ARE THE VERY SAME FETUSES/BABIES THAT U ALLOW WOMEN AND DOCTORS TO SLAUGHTER!!!!  it is NOT just a woman’s right. it’s also the right of the unborn baby.  no matter how one may want to deny it, facts lead to the truth.  that baby is real.


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