Common Wealth…moving towards a Global Consciousness, good or bad?

Posted: March 24, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Ethics, Politics, Social Issues, Suffering
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Time Cover    
Time magazine listed 10 of the most influential ideas at work in changing the world. The #1 idea was “Common Wealth” , and the article by Jeffrey D. Sachs essentially highlights the need for all people to transcend certain differences for the common good to eradicate poverty, starvation, climate change, etc.
I appreciate much of what is offered in this article and also see the need for nations to help one another with critical resources and technologies that would benefit each other. At the same time, nations must become altruistic in some sense and I doubt that a nation will ever make a decision solely for the benefit of another. Most nations help others with some other end in mind that will ultimately help the giver.
The basic premise of this article is that we need to stop thinking of ourselves as sovereign nations and more as fellow neighbors in a global climate, global economy, etc. I am just curious if this global consciousness will ever lead the U.N. to invade a country against its will for resources that the global community deems necessary for the survival of the common good. Basically, an alliance of countries will unite and subdue uncooperative countries for their resources. I know that this is a bit drastic…my reasoning, but it is where we are headed.
It may prove helpful against nations that deprive basic human rights. I am all for withdrawing aide and trade with a nation that consistently abuses its own people. I am careful what I wish for as well…for I sense that one day the moral consensus of all people will be opposed to the claims of the Christian faith. Being such, persecution will arise. Religion will one day be censured and a world-wide eclectic faith will be offered in its stead. The state will govern the domain of faith and the global community will produce a “global creed” by which the people must yield or die.
Don’t get me wrong. I am all for eliminating starvation, helping the HIV/AIDS epidemic, sharing our technology with developing countries, etc….BUT I am opposed to a global community that mandates such for all countries involved. Instead, countries, like our own (U.S.A.), should help others voluntarily and set a global example for others to follow. I welcome the voluntary efforts of countries that seek to help one another.

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