Music Review of Brian Doerksen

Posted: March 25, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Music Reviews, Theology, Worship
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Currently hooked on “Holy God” and “Triune God” from the latest album “Holy God”. I love the lyrics to “Triune God”:

Triune God

Brenton Brown & Brian Doerksen

Triune God


Perfect Three in One

Sacred bond

Humble friendship

Living dance of light

Draw our lives into the wonder of Your

Majesty Your fellowship divine

The Spirit’s liberty

The grace of Jesus Christ

The Father’s faithful love

The sharing of Your life

In Holy communion

One God

©2005 Thankyou Music & Integrity’s Hosanna! Music / Shining Rose Songs

It is a beautiful song of petition to be drawn into fellowship with the majestic triune God. Daniel Fuller’s “The Unity of the Bible” talks about the necessity of God being triune and how beautiful it is when we grasp God in His perfect self-sustaining beauty and intimacy. This song by Doerksen sums well this cry of my soul to be drawn into fellowship with the Triune God.


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