Apocalyptic Determinism = God is in Control

Posted: March 26, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Calvinism, Theology
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As I continue to work through my thesis research, I have come across a reoccurring phrase, “apocalyptic determinism”. Translated into simple language, it means “God is in control of what He is going to do”. It is the foundation for apocalyptic literature that God is in control of the future.

Some folks have a tough time with a Sovereign God…to which I ask,

“Would you really like it better if God wasn’t in control?”

“How can you have assurance of eternal life if God’s future plans can be thwarted?”

“If free will is necessary for genuine love towards God, then how long do you think you will last in glory?”

These questions usually prompt various reactions. The last of which regrading free will and eternal life actually has scared some folks. Such folks actually fear being kicked out of heaven because they anticipate they will sin. I respond by stating that we will be perfected so gloriously that we will not even have the desire to sin. Free will folks think that it is necessary to have an option not to love in order to make our love genuine. I respectfully disagree. It is my desire that God will remove all sinful desires from me and I will delight in the perfect love I will have for Christ when He finally does give me such a new body and a perfect heart. Jesus will not doubt my love for Him in eternity…but be eternally glorified in it!!!


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