My Field Trip to Cumorah Hill…filled with LDS propaganda that grieved my soul, like a Statue of Jesus Holding the Bible in one Hand and the Book of Mormon in the Other

Posted: May 30, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Heresy
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A replica of the dead sea scrolls was on display at the Cumorah Hill LDS visitor’s center in Palmyra and I decided to drop in and take a peek. At the same time, I feared LDS propaganda but thought that such would be minimal considering that they were displaying the Dead Sea Scrolls, which I thought would have little relation to the Mormon faith.

Well, I guess I could say that the good Mormons found a way to appeal to their one true church, even through the display of the Dead Sea Scrolls replicas. They urged me to view a very brief film to prepare me for the viewing of the DSS (Dead Sea Scrolls). The films was basically a PR piece for the LDS church…touting how LDS scholars were involved in the translation of the DSS…as if that gives credence to their actual beliefs. It also touted that they value the preservation of scrolls because, after all, their faith is based upon revelation from golden plates brought from the angel Moroni and revealed to Joseph Smith, conveniently taken back up to heaven where no man can now examine and verify.

Anyhow, later on in the display, a replica was actually on display of the golden plates containing the book of Mormon. I honestly chuckled inside because it was displayed as if the plates were somehow preserved and have undergone the same sort of examination that the DSS have undergone.

Lastly, the display then contained a table with the book of Mormon in various languages with a statue of Jesus in glowing white holding forth the book of Mormon in one hand and the Bible in the other…as if stating that both are equal and holding forth the book of Mormon for the visitor to receive. It really was intentional PR to have Jesus holding out the book of Mormon as part of this display of the DSS.

I know this may sound harsh, but I believe that the LDS church essentially prostituted the DSS in an effort to persuade the visitor to think that the book of Mormon, which Jesus himself is holding out no less, has undergone the same rigorous examination from numerous scholars. Anyhow…this was my field trip to the LDS visitor center at the Cumorah Hill.

P.S. The staffers at the exhibit were very kind and I had a very nice conversation with them. I love Mormons and grieve over the intentional deception that the Church has undertaken throughout the years to falsely persuade the “faithful”.

  1. Chad says:

    This edition of Pimp My Scroll brought to you by the generous support of Joseph Smith.

  2. KJ says:

    Just out of curiousity, have you ever read the Book of Mormon?

  3. joelmartin says:

    They actually were involved heavily in the DSS project. BYU is very active in looking into ancient scriptures. Christians need to get beyond shallow attacks on them and get deeper – they have good apologists. Check out The New Mormon Challenge for a good Christian critique of the LDS religion.

  4. KJ, I have read the BOM and would say that no burning in the bosom should be used as a litmus test for its veracity. Joseph Smith plagiarized the entire thing and copied heavily from the King James Version of the Bible. The Book of Mormon has been revised to reflect prior errors in the manuscript.

  5. Joel, I know that BYU was heavily involved in the DSS project. That was another part of the whole PR piece of the introductory film at the exhibit…essentially applauding their own. I in fact appreciate the contributions of all scholars, no matter what they believe. Truth is truth. However, just because BYU scholars have street cred in academic circles doesn’t mean that the Mormon faith itself becomes more credible. It is a nonsequitur.

    I am aware of the new wave of Mormon scholars and they have indeed raised the bar for Christian apologists.

    In my humble opinion…in the court of law, I would cut straight to Joseph Smith and his alleged account of receiving the plates from Moroni. Joseph Smith was a deceptive vagabond, obsessed with the occult, who stole his wife, and on and on. I would also point out that the universal Christian church was in fact present on earth from Jesus to the present day. God was saving sinners. The thought that there was no true church for hundreds of years and was restored on a mountain in Palmyra to a man with questionable credibility is very very farfetched.

  6. joelmartin says:

    I agree with you Rick. My only caution is that I think Christians should be dealing with the best that Mormon scholarship has to offer, rather than saying the same old things the same old way.

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