Same Sex Unions = 1st Amendment Tension

Posted: July 1, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Ethics, Politics, Social Issues
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NPR has recently published a very informative article analyzing the recent legal battles prompted by an increasing number of states acceptance of same-sex unions (

Among some of the noteworthy cases, a photographer was penalized for discrimination for failure to take on a same-sex wedding inquiry…a Christian retreat center is facing legal battles over not granting permission for a same-sex couple to wed…an orthodox Jewish university was found guilty of discrimination because they would house heterosexual couples in their dormitories…Catholic Charities in Massachusetts has ceased from their adoption services because they were forced to place children in same-sex households contrary to their religious convictions…and their are many other similar incidents around the country to be noted.

The trend of these noted cases points increasingly to a censorship of religious free speech on matters relating to homosexuality. The implications can drastically affect the existence and practice of Churches and Religious schools. The headlines of tomorrow may read:

“Pastor wins lawsuit for Church discrimination after being fired for homosexual union”

“Pastor sued for emotional damages when stating that homsexuality was sin in sermon”

“Court rules that Catholic school violated rights of transgender coach after dismissing the former male (now female), who had wanted to coach the girls volleyball team (which would have required road trips and chaperon responsibilities in hotel rooms with the girls. School is required to rehire the coach, while parents vow that they will transfer their girls to another school…raising new discriminatory issues within the school district on whether such girls may be admitted into new school on such grounds”

I look forward to the Supreme Court taking up some of these cases and setting some sort of precedent. In the meantime, the practice of religion is being increasingly censored and penalized. Stay tuned.



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