Dead Sea Stone and the resurrection

Posted: July 5, 2008 by Brian Andrews in Christology, Theology

The New York Times reports that a 3-foot-tall stone tablet found near the Dead Sea in Jordan contains writings that mention the Messiah and the resurrection. Scholars believe that the writing on the stone talks about the Messiah, “prince of princes,” who “in three days…shall live” after being killed.

Two things were particularly interesting to me about this story. First, the stone dates to a few decades before the birth of Jesus. Second, it was Jewish and secular scholars—not Christian—who reported the findings. I pray that God will use this stone to point many Jewish people to the Stone, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. cornishevangelist says:

    Taken out ( lost bible books )
    Eusebius, was the first court-appointed Christian theologian in the service of the Emperor Constantine.
    Constantine commissioned Eusebius, personally, to produce fifty excellent copies of the sacred scriptures but gave no instruction as to which books Eusebius should include in this new Bible.
    He was given sole authority over this project and, therefore, became the first editor of the Bible we have today.
    Here are a list of some of the holy books which he threw out, but there are many more.
    The Acts of Andrew
    The Acts of John
    The Acts of Paul,
    The Apocalypse of Peter
    The Epistle of Barnabas
    The Gospel of Hebrews
    The Gospel of Matthias
    The Gospel of Peter
    The Gospel of Thomas
    The Shepherd of Hermas
    The Teachings of the Apostles

    Eusebius decided that, at least, 33% of all the commonly accepted books considered to be “New Testament” by the earlier church, should be taken out.
    He said there are only 4 gospels to be used because there were only four pillars of the Earth.
    Well do I need to say any more, judge for yourselves do you think there are more Holy Bible books to read?.


  2. I would submit that this “ancient tablet” is probably another sensationalist scam, as is clearly indicated by the facts

    (1) that no specific information (apart from a vague 3rd-party rumor) is available on its provenance and

    (2) that no details are provided on carbon dating of the ink.

    As such, this “news” brings to mind the faked Lost-Tomb-of-Jesus “documentary” designed to make a profit off of people’s fascination with the “real” Jesus, as well as the larger scandal of the biased and misleading way the Dead Sea scrolls are being presented in museum exhibits around the world, with an antisemitic expression appearing on a government-run North Carolina museum’s website. See, e.g.,


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