China’s Two Faces

Posted: August 13, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Politics, Social Issues, Sports, Suffering
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I have been gripped by Olympic fever and have even let out a shout or two in viewing the festivities…especially the US swimming relay upset victory over the trash-talking French (nothing against France). Anyhow, while I am pleased with what I see and proudly root for Team USA, and am also teaching my 4 year old daughter Kira who to cheer for, I am saddened by some news that has emerged regarding China’s tight reign over its public face…which isn’t all that it appears to be, especially in light of the story that the cute girl singing their national anthem was actually a lip-sync over a less attractive girl (

I am also saddened by China’s denial of a visa to speed-skater Joey Cheek, who has supported the rights of Darfur. A story can be found at Time (,8599,1829803,00.html).

This just confirms China’s deception, especially in the area of human rights…particularly with relation to religious freedom…whether it be Christian or Buddhist. So as I continue to watch the games with excitement, I also pray for the underground Church and that China would relent from the unnecessary persecution inflicted upon thousands of Christian believers who only wish to live peacefully in their country and worship their God.

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    nice article.

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