Mr. Obama, “Why is reducing the number of abortions a good thing?”

Posted: August 19, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Abortion, Ethics, Philosophy, Politics, Social Issues
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Senator Barack Obama stated at the Saddleback Forum that he would work to reduce the number of abortions. I was hoping that Pastor Rick Warren would follow up by asking a question I have long wanted interviewers to ask, “Why is reducing the number of abortions a good thing?”. I admit that it is a gotcha question of sorts. If they admit in any sense that reducing abortion is a ‘good’ thing, then one is inherently acknowledging that there is something about abortion that is wrong. I would then follow up by asking, “What’s wrong with abortion?”. This puts the “pro-choice” candidate in a difficult predicament…one in which makes it evidently clear that there is a huge moral inconsistency with taking the co-existent positions of: abortion is a women’s right to do with her body as she wishes AND limiting abortion is a good thing because abortion is a bad thing.

Being pro-life as I am and knowing that Roe V. Wade is fixed law, I do support a reduction in the number of abortions. That is why I have sent money to clinics that seek to encourage a prospective mother into keeping the baby. I do this because abortion is indeed wrong and I can state as much. I would also state that while Roe V. Wade is fixed law, I believe that the court was wrong and pray for its reversal. I believe that human rights begin with the issue protecting our young and most vulnerable among us. Human rights issues presume the existence of life and therefore I believe the abortion issue is a foundation for all other discussion.

Again, I ask Senator Obama, “Why is reducing the number of abortions a ‘good’ thing?”. The emphasis is on ‘good’. I would answer by stating that abortion is a “bad” thing. What is Obama’s answer? Hopefully we’ll find out at one of the debates. Stay tuned.

  1. fangfarris says:

    I like the IDEA of confronting O’Bama with such a straightforward question, but I don’t think that it would work. Did you HEAR that sleaze-ball during that Q&A? He was one micrometer away from saying he didn’t like Justice Clarence Thomas because he was not “experienced.” HE WAS SO CLOSE!!! O’Bama is just too much of a snake to answer such a question with “specificity,” because it might just be above his pay grade.

  2. Chad says:

    Thanks for writing about the forum, Rick. My company was broadcasting the event and once we were set up, I was able to go inside and watch!

    All politics aside, it was a powerful moment when Pastor Rick had the two candidates on stage and the three brothers in Christ all embraced. I will never forget that!

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