John McCain’s “Unconventional” Pick is High Risk, High Reward

Posted: August 29, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Politics
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Supporters of McCain were forewarned to be prepared for an “unconventional” pick, which prompted speculation that he was looking seriously at Independent Joe Lieberman. Instead, Mccain has ushered in dark horse candidate Sarah Palin as the “unconventional” choice to the public spotlight.

Here are my immediate thoughts about the pick, both positive and negative, and my thoughts on her remarks:



  1. “Who’s Sarah Palin?”…no name recognition nationally.
  2. She’s still a rookie in public office with little experience.


  1. She has an attractive personal narrative. Parents were employed in local school, etc. Humble roots. She connects with small town America that loves their local schools, local sports, involved in PTA, love and devotion for community.
  2. She alone has executive experience, albeit limited. Washington outsider.
  3. She defies the stereotypical republican in that she has challenged the status quo…has Union connections…works in a bipartisan fashion.
  4. She is a social conservative with life credentials. She didn’t recently purchase a gun but grew up hunting. She is not only “pro life” on paper for political expediency to please the “right wing” but has 5 children, the most recent of which diagnosed with Down Syndrome. In fact, she refused to be influenced by testing which would detect the potential for such defects.
  5. Her son is going to fight in Iraq…not drafted, but enlisted voluntarily. Her family has a patriotic aura about it that is inspiring.

It will take some time to see how people respond to such a pick…but my initial reaction is favorable. The scrutiny has just begun however and the nations is watching.


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