it’s not a hard choice.

Posted: September 1, 2008 by mimi in Abortion, Ethics, From the Heart, Politics, Social Issues

If you had a choose between saving a cat about to die caught on a rope in a tree, an “endangered” Loulu tree of Hawaii, or saving a baby in the womb from being chopped up and sucked into a vaccuum and thrown out like last weeks left overs, the option should be obvious.  How is it that the same groups that devote so much of their time & energy to saving trees and animals are the same groups that devalue the price of an unborn human life?  How are pro-life supporters cruel just because they choose to stand up for the most vulnerable, the unborn?  I admit that the picture of a chopped up fetus is gruesome but it’s real.  It depicts the reality of the act that pro-choicers want to ignore and hide from the public.  Pro-choice is SELFISH in a nutshell.  If you don’t want to risk getting pregnant, then DON’T HAVE SEX!  Simple as that.  I understand there are tough situations.  But abortion isn’t the answer.  If you can’t be responsible, just don’t “do it.”  Just like you wouldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) buy a house or car (or whatever it is) that you can’t afford.  Reality check.  No matter which way you want to justify a selfish act, AKA=abortion, you just killed an innocent, helpless, human, baby.  Abortion is not brave.  It’s cowardly.  Sick. just sick.


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