picket this…

Posted: September 5, 2008 by mimi in From the Heart, Politics, Social Issues

It’s always an amazing image to me to see and hear of the many protesters that march signs up and down the “free streets of America” against wars, soldiers and anything military, like they did at Berkeley Univ. in California among many other venues and times in history.  I would dare say that most people in America do not like war and prefer not to engage in one, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, whatever your category.  I admit that there may be some in the world, even in America, who relish the thought.  But it’s cant’t be the majority by any means.  So for these people who proudly stand against any kind of war for sake of peace denies that the very freedom they have in protesting anything, is a direct result of wars fought by our countrymen.  We all want peace. But that peace comes & has come at a price.  Who can say that our leaders, whatever political party, go into war lightly?  I can’t imagine.  John McCain’s mention of it in his speech last night confirmed my thought.  Picketing is one of many luxuries & freedoms the “free people” have here in the United States.  Be thankful it’s a choice you have.  If you think other countries can treat you better and provide more for you, then why not move to another country?


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