tell me y?

Posted: September 5, 2008 by mimi in Abortion, Ethics, From the Heart, Politics, Social Issues

i just don’t understand it.  How can the same woman, who has given birth and expresses as much joy as she does in her children, still believes a woman should have the right to abort a baby?  Do you not realize that very same child you aborted or allow to be aborted could be the one you love and cherish today?  And why are pro-lifers ‘mean & cruel’ when they display the real pictures of chopped up fetuses to the public?  The truth hurts. That’s why.  The pro-choice public doesn’t want to be reminded that they are doing something inherently wrong.  When a baby is aborted, it is being chopped up into pieces and thrown away like leftovers.  That is the grim, horrific reality that mainstream media and pro-choice don’t want you to know.  And if the pictures don’t speak for themselves and cause some disturbance, I think there is something sadly wrong.


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