Posted: September 10, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Politics
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Joe Biden and Barack Obama both made reference to lipstick and apparently denied that it had anything to do with Sarah Palin.

Joe Biden also questioned the support of the Republican ticket for parents with developmentally challenged children.

I am an Independent, but I want to say that the Democrats have been playing defense and don’t look or sound very presidential right now. For Barack Obama to direct attention to Sarah Palin simply shows that he is rattled. They will only prolong the Palin hype for as long as they jab at her. I would advise Obama-Biden to go back on the offensive because they are digging their own grave when they get off of the issues.



  1. joe says:

    Just making sure I’ve got you straight here – it’s “unpresidential” for Obama to refer to McCains supposed policies of “change” as lipstick on a pig but it’s just fine for McCain to (not once, but twice) use the comment when talking about Hillary Clinton or explicitly calling Mitt Romney a pig during the primary season?

    Some independant you are.

  2. Joe, like the whole Vegas saying “What happens in the primaries, stays in the primaries”. Biden said that he would consider it an honor to run with McCain for president, etc etc etc. The Republicans did some work as well. I don’t like the ads running sound-bytes from the past. I see it for what it is. What I am saying is that when Obama-Biden make correographed comments on “lipstick”, they look unpresidential because Election 101 says not to dog the #2 on the other ticket. Obama should let Biden and the surrogates to that stuff if they want to go there.
    Lastly, Obama is empowering Palin with any comments he makes because it will be in the news cycle and draw attention to her. If I were Obama’s campaign manager, I would advise him to go on the offensive, not even mention Palin anymore, regain the Change platform rather than complain that it was stolen from you. Obama has just come off as a whiner who doesn’t like what’s going on…seems childish and immature.

    When Hillary was the huge favorite to win the Democratic nomination and controlled the newscycle, she was unraveled. Obama comes from nowhere and steals all of the attention. Hillary cried, complained about media coverage, etc etc etc. She didn’t look presidential, while Obama stayed on message. I see the same things happening with Palin and Obama. The polls have shifted and Obama has never been in this position.

  3. joe says:

    I don’t like the ads running sound-bytes from the past.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree there. Personally, I’m not one to forgive people for what they said because it happened 6 months ago, although I guess I can understand why politicians of all stripes would find it favorable to push that paradigm, given all of McCain’s blatent flipflops. I’m most certainly not a party loyalty guy and as far as I’m concerned people should be held accountable for what they say and any aruguments they make, at least in any public setting.

    Election 101 says not to dog the #2 on the other ticket.

    This is a strange concept to me too. I recall very vividly President Bush attacking John Edwards at a campaign stop in North Carolina in 2004. The notion that only the bottom of one ticket may criticize the botom of the other ticket seems quite silly. McCain has every right to respond to criticism from Joe Biden and he should. Charging these silly rules of etiquette while the candidates are so blatently and disingenuously mischaracterizing each others’ statements and policies don’t hold any water.

    Obama has just come off as a whiner who doesn’t like what’s going on…seems childish and immature.

    He comes off that way to you because you aren’t really an independant (you might not belong to a party but a quick poke around your site proves you to be very much a partisan) and you’re obvioulsy already committed to the McCain ticket.

    But real independants (non-partisans) will primarily see it one of two ways. Either they will; 1. agree with McCain that Obama’s use of the phrase was sexist but will note that McCain was guilty of both using the same language and also of a blatant and hypocritical selective outrage reaction when Obama used it; or they will 2. know the difference between suggestive gender/race politics and actual bigotry, such as real ’sexism’ and real ‘racism’ (words the right throws around very loosely these days) and will see the right’s hysterical hyperbole for what it is.

    This whole episode was clearly very calculated by Obama. He had the McCain quotes at the ready, waiting for the McCain campaign’s inevitable false outrage response. The fact is McCain used exactly the same language in referring to Hillary and also explicitly called Mitt Romney a pig (unlike the “lipstick” comments, which were implicit, at worst) and in each case McCain’s supporters absoluetly loved the comments. The voters are aware of this and I still have enough faith in Americans to believe they know a hypocrite when they see one. In this case, McCain and his supporters fit the bill.

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