Act of Racism at Christian University (George Fox)

Posted: September 25, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Ethics, Social Issues
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Here’s a link:

A cardboard cutout of Obama was hanging from a tree with his head hung in fishwire and the words “Act Six Reject”, which is a scholarship program for minorities. I am saddened but not surprised at the story. More than an assault of Obama, it is a direct act of hatred towards minorities on this campus.

I pray the campus finds these hoodlums and boots them from campus. At the same time, I wish that Universities would dump professors who speak venomous hatred towards our country. I have seen some pretty horrid signs of President Bush waved at political protests…some with a shooting target and Bush in the bullseye. I don’t see any outrage over such depictions.

Anyhow, this is not free speech, but an overt act of intimidation and rejection of minority students on the campus of George Fox. This act is cowardly…to set up a prop like this when nobody is looking and then hide in their holes is embarrassingly immature.

I pray for the George Fox campus and even more for the minority students, that they would hold their heads high and continue with their studies…I pray that hatred and bitterness would not overtake them, but that God would grant them grace to forgive the offenders.

As for these offenders, I pray that they would come out and apologize for their acts. I pray that they would show their faces. While I want them ousted, I pray for reconciliation with all those who they offended. I understand that this may be their way of protesting a scholarship policy, but they clearly chose the lower road of voicing their displeasure.

  1. foreverateacher says:

    Keep your head up! I attended a university where discrimination was undercover but present. Stay focused on your goals while at this institution, do not let this incident get you off your path.

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