“Fireproof” Movie Review

Posted: October 1, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Movie Reviews
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Alright…I have to admit that I have abstained from many “Christian” movies…especially those in the played out apocalyptic genre. I have found many “Christian” flicks to be poorer than made for Cable flicks starring actors well pass their prime. It’s frankly embarrassing at times to see Christians hype some pretty poor movies.

With that in mind…I saw Fireproof last night. There was a convergence of events that made this possible. No joke, my wife and I won a pair of movie tickets at our church’s picnic a couple weeks back. We won the potato sack race. Yes I am the pastor, and no, it was not rigged. Anyhow, I would not have paid the $9.50 per ticket price at our local theater to see any movie that is currently playing, but with some free tickets compliments of my potato race skills, we were primed for a flick. We decided Fireproof it would be.

Enough about me and more about the movie. The movie was good. Kirk Cameron was sufficient in his role, but I was really impressed by the supporting cast. The movie was made on just $500,000 and has already net 10 million, so there is little on the line for the movie for playing up to budgetary expectations. Obviously the film is intense drama and devoid of special effects and theatrical stunts. The movie is about marriage…and overcoming very real challenges in marriage. Throw some Jesus in and you get the picture. My only concern was that it might over-portray Jesus as the solution to marital difficulties…I was pleased that it didn’t. Cameron’s character realized how painful it was for his wife to reject his loving overtures and his dad pointed out that God must feel the same way when we reject His love. Cameron sees the connection and realizes that he has long resisted God’s love and now needs to embrace Jesus. Understanding such love and forgiveness now empowers him to love as he is loved…which ultimately leads to reconciliation with his wife.


One thing that bothered me about the end was the fact that the wife changed her heart towards Cameron only after she is told that it was he, and not the doctor she had been flirting with, who purchased a wheelchair and bed for her ailing mom. Otherwise, the wife was still enamored with the doctor and even praising him with a smile when presuming he was the purchaser of the gifts for her mom. If the doctor was in fact the giver, I am led to believe that she continues to seek a fling with this flirtatious doctor. Anyhow, she turns to her husband, pronounces her forgiveness, but not once apologizes for her emotional adultery with the doctor. The last scene was designed to show that her heart was won over once again by her husband and has less to do with making amends…so I guess it is okay.


  1. Mr. M says:

    My wife and I went to see “Fireproof” this Sunday; the parallel of a fireman’s code “never leave your partner behind” and the vows of holy matrimony were fantastic. I found the movie to be well balanced with action, plot, humor and surprise woven together to show the real complexities of today’s marital relationships. The plot had many unexpected twists and the presumptive nature of man was used against us to a surprising end. The stars battle with internet pornography was classic and a battle which is on the rise as we’ve seen in recent weeks with celebrity marriages gone a rye and their addictions to porn brought to light. At one point my wife nudged me and whispered, “He needs My Internet Doorman”, I felt proud knowing that God was using me to help men and women all over the country to fight this battle and to prevent youth from becoming victims of this addictive and destructive vice. I strongly recommend this movie to engaged couples, newlyweds, anyone struggling to hang on to their marriage, anyone on the fence of divorce, and anyone who has ever been there. Bravo!

    Mr. M

  2. Brian says:

    My wife and I just came back from seeing the movie. We were both impressed with it. We both cried a few times in the movie. The running theme of Christ as the bridegroom that pursues us even when we despise Him was beautifully topped off with the quote from Romans at the very end. Now that brought me to tears!

  3. We saw this movie this weekend and we thought it was amazing! I don’t agree with your assesment that the wife would have continued her affair with the doctor. I believe that was the turning point in her heart to realize that she was searching for something that she already had at home. Also, it was a significant point that the husband had done this amazing thing for her 2 weeks earlier when she was at her nastiest. It is definitely an amazing movie that every couple, Christian or not, should see.

  4. Brian…glad you saw it bro…I teared to because I am a sinner in need of grace and I am glad that this movie showed the depravity in us and our need for intervening grace…not just from a earthly father as in the movie’s case, but from our heavenly Father.

  5. Firefighter5546 says:

    My wife recently purchased the movie “Fireproof” for me because I really wanted to watch it. I had heard it was a really good movie from friends of mine at the firehouse. It was a different side of the looking glass as you might say. I was impressed with the way the movie flowed. A little suprised was I on the way Jesus was intertwined into the story. I thought at first it would be overpowering, but it was a subtle approach with truth an honesty.
    The comments about Jesus love being forsaken, and rejected, reminded me of what he gave up for me. I have been a semi-practicing christian for many years. I have gone to church only when I felt like I needed to. I have watched many marriages, and personal relationships disappear over something as small as an addiction to chatting on facebook or community websites,and have witnessed the grander scale of reflections from our youth and younger adults on video games to where nothing is more important. Relationship problems have intertwined with the retrograding society we now know because no one feels it is their responsibilty to stand up for what is important. I can only hope that when people see this movie,they are reminded of each partners role in a relationship to express the love and commitment to each other and their families,and to re-inforce that subsequent replacements do not fill the heart. They only take away.

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