random musings regarding random musings

Posted: October 7, 2008 by joelmartin in Politics
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Some jumbled thoughts: I don’t have TBS so I can’t watch the baseball playoffs. For a sport that already has anemic ratings and is frankly boring for most of the year, moving to TBS and making itself even harder to find doesn’t make much sense to me. Is baseball going the way of the NHL in the USA?…How many blogs out there say ‘random musings’ or ‘random thoughts’? If your tagline contains the words “random” or “musings” then I suggest you change it. That slogan is so ubiquitous that it is now meaningless as an identifier…I’ve heard several radio interviews lately where voters are undecided between Obama and McCain and I honestly don’t understand it. I guess I should attribute it to the general lack of intelligence on the part of the electorate, but honestly, how can you not have an opinion one way or the other? I guess that since my youth I have always believed strongly in a set of ethical mandates that results in elections generally being fairly black and white. So I don’t get people who are undecided, tossed to and fro about which candidate to support. Do they agree with what you believe or not? But there seems to be a large mass of people who sort of drift through life and have no discernable core beliefs other than ‘be nice.’ This is the frightening reality of democracy, we are ruled by the ignorant and malevolent…I heard Barack Obama talking about Republicans using ‘smear tactics’ against him. The dictionary defines ‘smear’ as “defame the character of; slander publicly.” Attacking Senator Obama’s past associations with leftist radicals like Rev. Wright or Mr. Ayers may not make Democrats comfortable, but I don’t think it rises to the level of ‘smear.’ But of course in politics all langue is inflated and abused for the purpose of impact…Do we pay too much attention to national politics because we are so unaware of what is going on locally in our city or county?


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