Blessed by Breakfast, Goodie Bag, Fellowship with Pastors, and Martyrs

Posted: October 16, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in From the Heart
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I was invited to attend a pastor’s breakfast this morning at a local Christian bookstore/cafe called Living Water ( It is a great place to hang and serves as my second office. Anyhow, I was up for free breakfast and a goodie bag, so I showed up giddy, sat with some Godly pastors, engaged in some small talk turned more serious talk and was then surprised by what came next.

A Tyndale publisher rep got up to share a few words, or so I thought, and was waiting for him to hold up product after product that we should all feel obligated to buy after having been given a free breakfast and all…I know the routine and planned on spending a few bucks to pay homage to the goodwill of the good folks at Living Water….but there was no sales pitch. It was more of a “read your Bible” pitch.

The rep from Tyndale, named Mike, proceeded to give a detailed history of the English Bible. He went from the Latin Vulgate on through the English Bible of John Wycliffe…the work of John Hus, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, etc. He knew his stuff, but was gripped by a passion for God’s Word that exuded through his presentation.

The story that sticks in my mind is the execution of John Hus, who was burned with John Wycliffe’s Bibles used as kindling for the fire. Hus proceeded to sing a hymn and offer some last words that turned out to be a prophecy, “in 100 years, God will raise up a man whose calls for reform cannot be suppressed.”  Almost 100 years later, Martin Luther emerged.

Anyhow, I am much more grateful for God’s word…humbly reminded that it came with the price of martyrs’ blood through the ages.

By the way, this Tyndale rep gifted all of us with a New NLT Study Bible. He truly blessed us by stating the immensible worth of Scripture and then giving us a copy. That Bible will forever remind me of this morning. Also, I was shocked to find a copy of John Owen’s, “Communion with the Triune God” in my coveted goodie bag. I am happy and blessed…and am honored to preach God’s Word every week.


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