Is God provoked by America’s Worship of Mammon?

Posted: October 22, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Discipleship/Sanctification, Hosea
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I am preaching through the book of Hosea and in my sermon preparation for Hosea 2, I made the following observations:

Hosea 2:9-13 (ESV)

(9)  Therefore I will take back my grain in its time, and my wine in its season, and I will take away my wool and my flax, which were to cover her nakedness.

(10)  Now I will uncover her lewdness in the sight of her lovers, and no one shall rescue her out of my hand.

(11)  And I will put an end to all her mirth, her feasts, her new moons, her Sabbaths, and all her appointed feasts.

(12)  And I will lay waste her vines and her fig trees, of which she said, ‘These are my wages, which my lovers have given me.’ I will make them a forest, and the beasts of the field shall devour them.

(13)  And I will punish her for the feast days of the Baals when she burned offerings to them and adorned herself with her ring and jewelry, and went after her lovers and forgot me, declares the LORD.


          God is here sending famine and desolation to show that Baal isn’t god…to make it plainly obvious…they can sacrifice all they want, dress up and adorn themselves and prostitute themselves all they want to bring fertility in the land….it will all be vain and Baal will be revealed as a powerless and bankrupt pimp who did his lovers no good, and Israel/Gomer will stand naked and poor, realizing that Baal is no true god and that the Lord is God.

          I am not likening America to Israel, but I do believe that God could very well send nations famine today to make Himself known. If this economic downturn should result in the salvation of sinners who come to realize that the Stock Market isn’t their God, then it is entirely worth it. The great American God, Mammon, will leave its people bankrupt and starving…causing the fortuneless to look up and acknowledge that the Lord is God…so I pray.

  1. Steve Cornell says:

    Hey Rick,
    I think you bring up a good point; our theology (not to mention the Scriptures!) stresses the sovereignty of the LORD and so we can say that He brings about some pretty hard providences for His glory. While we can not say, “thus saith the Lord”, we can look to how He has worked through history, in particular to that which He has revealed in His word, and say “hmm…mabey He is there and is not silent.” I would also like to point out that not only do we have the idol of mammon, but we are now living in a “nanny-state” where more and more Americans look to the state for their daily bread. I have been praying that this situation will drive unbelievers into our churches. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that a good number of “churches” (dare I say a majority) can not give them the gospel and the hope found in it, nor can they help them with their physical needs. I really hope that I’m wrong, and would gladly eat humble pie…

  2. Steve,
    Good points. God is not arbitrary in His dealings….He has reasons for allowing the recent calamities to hit our land. While one can’t emphatically decipher His counsel in these events, one can draw some reasonable conclusions based on how He has acted in the past. I think God is just and glorious in removing his “common” grace because He is jealous for glory. It is He who sustains our country, whether we acknowledge it or not, and not the Gov’t, nor our economy, etc. God has been gracious to us through such means of His grace, but that may be lifted because He can’t stand the corruption in our legal system, our gov’t reps, and the increasing desires of the public for an unrestrained society. May God have mercy…but if not, I rejoice that Christ is my treasure and His grace is sufficient for whatever trials we may face.

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