Album Review of Delirious’ “Kingdom of Comfort”

Posted: October 23, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Music Reviews
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This album doesn’t disappoint, even after numerous previous releases from this UK band which just fails to disappoint with each successive release. It is a mix of alternative rock and worship, which have both marked Delirious’ music through the years. As the album title and cover would indicate, Delirious deals with issues of social justice and spirituality. While dealing with such enormous issues, Delirious doesn’t substitute such, nor confuse such with the worship of Christ, which remains entrenched in their music as the reason for which we were born…the worship of Christ. At the same time, our faith, though upward, should also go outward and impact our neighbors, both local and abroad.

It is my prayer that the Church would be thoroughly Godward in their worship and affections AND thoroughly compassionate and loving to their neighbor and matters of injustice. This album will provoke thinking for both. I commend it.

I have also had the honor of seeing Delirious live on two occasions. One was a concert and the other was a worship service. They remain one of my favorite bands and I look forward to their future albums.


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