Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, Racism, Genocide, Ageism, Malthusian Eugenics, Downs Syndrome, Abortion, Infanticide, and Barack Obama

Posted: October 29, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Abortion, Politics, Social Issues
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Now I know that many of you are wondering what in the world this title is talking about. Let me explain some terms and how all of these things connect:

1. Margaret Sanger was the founder of the American Birth Control League, which later became Planned Parenthood. While trumped by some as a hero for women’s rights, she supported population control and government intervention in dealing with people with inferior traits, thus seeking a Utopian humanity free from disease, etc.

2. Planned Parenthood – if you don’t know these folks, see

3. Racism – in layman’s terms, “having a negative view towards certain people solely based on their race”.

4. Genocide – the systematic killing of a particular people group with the intent of eliminating their existence

5. Ageism – prejudice and discrimination against people because of their age

6. Thomas Malthus – economist and philosopher who was concerned about population control and the impact upon quality of life.

7. Eugenics – a philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through various means of intervention

8. Downs Syndrome – a chromosomal disorder

9. Abortion – the termination of human life

10. Barack Obama – Illinois U.S. Senator currently running for the office of U.S. President

How does all of the above relate to one another? Well, I offer this brief commentary…Margaret Sanger had some pretty bizarre ideas about sexuality and the like. Anyhow, she thought that Religion and males were unified in their opposition to women by forcing them to bear children. She thought that granting to women the right to sovereignly and unilaterally control their bodies would free them from such oppression. One such means of control was birth control. This has of course evolved into abortion. The preborn is no longer seen has a viable human, but simply as property of the female/mother, who has teh right to do whatever she so pleases. The father of the child even has no legal authority over the baby.

Planned Parenthood has ran with Sanger’s philosophy and even opposes Parental Notification for abortions to minors, etc. The underlying premise is that the preborn really isn’t human life, but simply part of the female body, lacking any inherent rights or value…no different than removing a wart or cutting a toenail. Planned Parenthood is vigilant in their marketing of the preborn as being simply a part of the female anatomy.

Planned Parenthood has accepted donations from racist folks who are appreciative of the fact that 1/3 of all abortions are performed on blacks, while they only make up about 12% of the entire population. It has been said that the most dangerous place for a young black child to be isn’t in the hood but in his/her mother’s womb. has some very informative articles on stats and figures regarding abortion and the black community.

Abortion in America isn’t only a form of genocide towards certain minority groups, but explicit ageism against humans in their early development. They are okay to kill because they are little, or only so old goes the argument.

Hitler imposed the most logically consistent form of Eugenics when he sought to control the population to improve the quality of life for the preferred race of Anglos. He killed Jews and hoarded their resources. Hitler also killed Anglos who were seen as weak or plagued with disease.

We Americans have been drifting down a slippery slope that Hitler once pursued. It is no wonder that Downs Syndrome children have been seen as expendable in society, even today. It has been reported that about 93% of downs syndrome babies are terminated by their parents upon finding out about such deformity. It’s not just downs syndrome babies that are terminated, but would include babies with other deformities as well. There is no legislation which prevents parents from aborting as many babies as they would like until they get one that satisfies their exact desire. Sadly, some can even abort babies simply because they aren’t the preferred gender, etc. We are moving more and more into a “designer baby” mentality.

Anyhow, this involves Barack Obama in many ways as he is considered the most pro-abortion legislature, earning a 100% from pro-abortion group NARAL. The fact is that he did oppose a bill on 4 occasions that would have guaranteed the protection of babies who survived botched abortions. Obama said that existing laws required doctors to uphold their Hippocratic oath and care for a viable human life. This wasn’t the case in Illinois as nurse Jill Stanek attested to the fact that life-giving care was in fact being withheld from babies who survived abortions. In some cases, such babies were just thrown away like trash. If laws were being violated, then why didn’t Obama denounce such and seek justice against the doctors and nurses? As Jill Stanek says, he was unmoved by her testimony.

I know it is a far stretch in the minds of some to state that Obama supports infanticide, but I can draw no other conclusion by his rejection of the Born Alive act. Granted his argument is that existing laws protected the life of such babies, then if such is the case, then why hasn’t Obama actively pursued justice for doctors who refused to administer proper care for these babies? I think it’s really because Obama is indifferent on this matter. It saddens me. I would find it almost impossible to vote for an avowed racist, and thus find it even more repugnant to vote for one who doesn’t value the life of the preborn, and worse yet, the just-born who are unwanted by the parents and thus supported by the doctor in throwing such babies away. 

  1. ANNE MARIE says:

    I am currently working on an “article” about Margaret Sanger- and it’s eye-opening to say the least. More people need to konw the background of Planned Parenthood. I found this article today:

    Speaking the truth
    Anne Marie

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