“Obama Failing to Spread His Own Wealth Around?” and the Death of American Investigative Journalism

Posted: October 30, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Politics, Social Issues
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Well, it took the UK Times to break yet another story on a Barack Obama relatives who lives in a less than “hopeful” situation (pun intended). See: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article5042571.ece

Aunt Zeituni Onyango lives in a Boston public housing estate, while his uncle “Omar” was evicted from a 1 room apartment for thousands of dollars in back rent. This follows the story of Obama’s brother in Kenya, George Hussein Onyango Obama, who lives in a slum on less than a dollar a month. See: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/08/the_inconvenient_obama.html

The story on Obama’s brother came from an Italian paper. Both stories came from foreign papers. Did the major media outlets in America simply not care about such a story or rather seek to just bury it? Even John McCain’s brother 911 call made nightly news, but these stories get buried.

Here is why I think these stories are important:

1. Obama has apparently not reached out to his relatives or offered help. If he has offered help, but was refused, then I will change my tune, but the Bible (which Obama appeals to for his desire to eradicate poverty, which I think a noble thing) teaches us that we are first called upon to care for our own families, not look to the government for help. Obama preaches that we should care for poverty…Biden says that it is patriotic to pay taxes and spread the wealth around…the problem is that Obama’s family has lived in situations, where I, with my limited resources, would have done something to help. These relatives occupy pages in his books, but he apparently doesn’t spare some generosity to these that he claims to have such strong affections for.

2. Obama’s infomercial last night portrayed families in need and how he wants to help them…he is appealing to the emotions of potential voters. If he cares about people in need, why hasn’t he helped his family?

3. The irony here is that Obama wants you and me to help his brother in Kenya through the Global Poverty Act…He wants you and me to help his uncle “Omar” who can’t pay rent on a single bedroom apartment…He wants you and me to pay for public housing for his aunt…the list goes on.

4. Obama wants the public to spread their wealth around to help his relatives in need while refusing to spread his own wealth around to help his own. It is easier to be generous with other people’s money, I guess.

5. Liberals preach compassion and the eradication of poverty. They think they know how to take tax money and spread it around fairly. Here are some facts:

– Non-profit organizations do a much better job stretching each dollar in helping people, whether it be the Salvation Army, Red Cross, or the many Rescue Missions across the land.

– Studies have shown that it is conservatives who out-give liberals in their donations to various humanitarian efforts. It is actually conservatives who give above and beyond their taxes to care for the oppressed and poor. You would never guess such as it seems that only Hollywood stars get the limelight for their humanitarian efforts.

What do I believe?

– I believe that families and the private sector do a much better job in caring for local needs.

– Jesus and Paul teach us to pay taxes. I do believe in paying taxes as the civil magistrate determines, but we do have a right in this democracy to have representation on our tax dollars. I want our tax dollars to be spent efficiently.

– I have a hard time voting for Obama when in essence he is asking that I care for his relatives. Seems like we have things backwards here. I have long admired Latin and Asian culture where families truly love and care for their own. It isn’t uncommon to find 3 or 4 generations living in 1 household. Mexico doesn’t have nearly the entitlements that the USA has, but the families love and care for one another.

My last appeal to Obama, in love, is to care for your relatives. Invite some to come live with you. I’m sure you can afford a guest house. If you get to the White House, then it may be more difficult, but do something out of your own pocket, in love, for a brother who lives on $1 a day. I agree that we need to care for the least among us…but where we disagree is that I think it starts with our own pocket book and our own families. Before you tell me to care for the poor, then please care the least among you, including your very own blood brother and handicapped aunt.

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