Apologies to the Obama’s “potential” grandchildren

Posted: November 4, 2008 by mimi in Abortion, Ethics, From the Heart, Hogaboam family, Philosophy, Politics, Social Issues, Suffering

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Obama,

I want to express to you that my child is NOT a “punishment” to me.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNzmly28Bmg

Let me give you a little background, if I may.  In my junior year in high school, I made a mistake.  The mistake was having premarital sex.  Well, as a result (or consequence of doing something I shouldn’t have been doing), I got pregnant.  But as a 16 yr old (non-christian at the time), abortion was NOT an option.  I fit the mold of most stats that say I would end up where I was, a non-married pregnant high school teen that was likely the result of my childhood voids-2 parents household, absent father, negligent mother, lived in the big city, growing up without a family role model.  But I would not say the baby that I then carried in my belly was a “punishment”.  The baby that was conceived had no say, no choice and according to your political stance, still has no value unless the women (in this case, me at the time) deems it worthy to live.  Though my action was irresponsible and immature at the time, pregnancy was a risk of my decision, like many risks we take in life.    The results of the many choices (some good, some bad) have an after effect (sometimes good, sometimes bad).  Each decision, usually causes a stream of after effects, situation that we face with then having to face another decision and yet anther decision, and on the circle goes.  Sometimes there are right decisions, sometimes there are wrong decisions, sometimes the decision is truly in the hand of the beholder (like whether I should buy fat free milk or whole).  In the case of abortion, there is no gray area.  The thing in the womb is still a life- a human, a baby, no matter what “scientists or doctors or professionals want to label it (ie. fetus, blob…)  When you look at the result of the procedure, how can you deny that life was taken away and justify it taking place in our society?  The day my family found out i was pregnant, they cried “abortion!”.  They said “it” would ruin my life.  They said I won’t be able to finish school…  I won’t be able to go to college.  I won’t be able to do this…do that…  The father of the baby and I initially decided to give the baby up for adoption but when labor day came, my mother’s love and instincts couldn’t let him go.  I eventually gave birth to a down syndrome baby boy in the beginning of my senior year and thankful for him.  I’m also a minority which also fits into the stats.  Well, I graduated high school early that year and worked for a few months at McD’s until my graduation ceremony.  Then I went off to college and continued through 4 yrs of college.   Although it was going to be a tough road ahead, it was just a matter of making the right choice of giving birth to the baby and doing what needed to be done.  I couldn’t even fathom murdering my baby b/c society says it’s ok if you’re not ready or that you can’t be responisble enough to take care of someone else.  Now, as an adult and a Christian, I truly understand the value of life, where and when it begins and ends.

I don’t claim to have done it all on my own.  It was a collective effort of friends, family (the same ones that wanted me to abort, but eventually became supportive after I deemed the child worthy of birth), the government and ultimately God.  Help is out there!  I’m sure both political parties have some claims in the governmental help I received and I can only express gratitude for it.  I think the government is plenty generous as it is.  As grateful as I am, I think there needs to boundaries and limit to how much help the government should extend as too much can only lead to complacency (a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.-www.Dictionary.com), laziness & an entitlement attitude.  I did not feel ‘entitled’ but so grateful that the help was there but also I also felt that it was only a temporary season until after college when I can begin a career and be self sufficient from government assistance.  In no way was it a permanent way of life for me, which unfortunately for some, it is.  It’s different if one is in need for physical or extremely mental incapabilities but not for those who just feed off govt. assistance b/c of laziness or deceitfulness.  For some the help is necessary, for too many, the help is taken advantage of and that’s the crime.  The RIGHT TO LIFE is really valuing the people you claim to value, because at the core of this issue is valuing the life of people at their earliest stages…in the womb!!  So what I hear you and the like minded, is that someone doesn’t have any inherent value, unless the women (who inevitably is already a mother whether her baby has been born or not) decides whether that life has value??  How does that make sense?  Either life is valuable, or it isn’t.  It’s not only valuable if someone else deems it valuable based on X, Y, Z…otherwise slavery should still be ok, which I believe it is not.

I believe in the many rights to choose…among these are the “RIGHT to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”  Does the baby’s right not count?  Apparently to many, it doesn’t.

So I pray, that when that day comes, when your daughters, of whom I you treasure dearly, make choices that could possibly affect their “reproduction”, whether in marriage or not, that you wouldn’t be deprived of the right, privilege and joy to meet your future unborn grandchildren because your girls had the right to choose whether a baby, possibly your future grand baby, has any value that is worthy of birth and whom, we hope someday, could then grow up and contribute to our country, and make the world a better place for all, including the “least among us”.

from a sincerely disheartened voice for the HOPE of future unborn generations and CHANGE that will change the way we value human life,

Mimi, proud mom of 3 and hoping, Idaho

3 precious Gifts

I'm so glad I wasn't "punished" with children, but "gifted" and blessed with the joy of my 3 precious babies! Are they beautiful or what??!!



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