Dear grammpa Barack and gramma Michelle…

Posted: November 5, 2008 by mimi in Abortion, Ethics, From the Heart, Politics, Social Issues

hi, you don’t know me yet but i want to say ‘hello’.  i haven’t been born yet but i’d like to ask you to give me a chance.  give me a chance to smile at you and to see you smile back.  give me a chance to take my first breath in the world without threat to my life.  even if i’m born with a defect, will you still love me?  will i still be worthy of your love, grampa, gramma?  will you tell my mom to love me enough to give me the right to live?  you can get a glimpse of me through an ultrasound.  it’ll be pretty tight in mommy’s tummy until i come out but i’ll be nice and warm.  please don’t let anyone hurt me?  please give me a chance to show you how i can grow to make a difference in the world.  i heard about your presidential victory.  congratulations.  will you use your authority to protect me or allow my mom and others like her the option to get rid of me because i might be too much to care for?  don’t you care about me?  why did you let my momma have to choice of keeping me alive or not?  my heart is beating.  i’m kicking because it’s getting crowded in here.  i want to come out and see the world.  i want to meet my momma and dadda.  why do you think i’m a “punishment”?  i didn’t do anything wrong?  i’m sorry my momma made a mistake.  i wish i could have helped her through it.  but if you give me a chance, i can then give the same chance to someone else in need.  i don’t want to be a burden.  i just want to be loved.  will you love me?  did your mamma love you?  if your mamma thought you weren’t worthy of being born, the world would have not known the historic moment of the day you were elected first african american (bi-racial) president of the united states.  i bet that was a great day for you.  i would love to be able to appreciate that day.  will you tell me the story of my great gramma and great-great gramma?  will you tell me of the story of that historic day when you became 44th president?  but grampa, gramma obama, i won’t know those stories and neither will my “potential” future friends, if you don’t protect before we are able to protect ourselves.   if we don’t live up to your expectation, then you can put us to rest.  what is that you say?  that wouldn’t be right?  what wouldn’t be right?  to kill us after we’ve been born?  why not?  what difference does it make when we were born, we were alive in my momma’s stomach and human in everyway, either way.  PLEASE gramma, help me.  PLEASE grammpa, don’t let me die unknown.  don’t let the future of my generation die unknown.  PLEASE give me a chance.  PLEASE give us a chance.  have mercy on us.  It’s what God would of wanted.

desperately pleading,

your future ‘potential’ grandchildren


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