What happened to “Ask NOT what your country can do for you but what YOU can do for your country”?

Posted: November 5, 2008 by mimi in Ethics, From the Heart, Philosophy, Politics, Social Issues, Uncategorized

What happened to American Patriotism and the gratitude of freedom, which is not really ‘free’ indeed.  This freedom we have come to know and feed on has been at a great cost, of American lives & much sacrifice, that is.

I’m not a native born American.  My family came here from Asia, legally.  We went through the necessary procedures to live here legally, of which I know were hard.  My father, like so many others, escaped to America because of it’s freedoms and the persecutions of foreign dictators.  I’m so sick of hearing the ungrates of this country; domestic bombers, protesters of war and military, etc.  Americans have become so spoiled they don’t even know how good they have, lest freedom should be stripped from them.   What happened to individual responsibility?  What happened to individual accountability?   The feeling around this country echoes a lot of selfishness, all about “what are you going to do for me… what are you going to give me… you owe me, Mr. Government”?  Is this world really all about me, me, me?

We are not rich.  We are probably considered lower-middle class.  Of course it would be nice to get a check.  Who doesn’t like to get free money?  But is it owed to us?  Did you work hard for it or are you wanting a handout?  If you want to look at it from a religious standpoint, biblical Proverbs tells us that if you’re too lazy to work, then you don’t eat.  But even still, we should desire to do good to those among us in need.  I stress need because not all that benefit from the charity of others are in need but rather greed and that is deceitful and wrong.  To be straightforward here, the reality of world peace is an impossibility, although it is something to constantly strive for.  The human race is not perfect, nor will ever be, until the day of Christ’s return, where and when He will usher His people home.  Considering the reality of imperfect human beings, we will never be able to fully satisfy the world and all it’s differences.   We can and still should, however strive to do our best to love our neighbor but stand for truth and justice.  It’s a difficult balance that requires much heart.

So I ask, “what can you do for your country”?


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