“Bella” Movie Review…One Minute Can Change Your Life Forever

Posted: December 11, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Abortion, Movie Reviews
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Spoiler Alert: The movie opens with the words “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him what you’re going to do with your life”. The rest of the movie proceeds to tell a story of how God’s providential hand intersects the lives of Jose (a promising soccer star turned chef because of a tragedy) and Nina (a frustrated waitress who finds out she is pregnant). Anyhow, the two intersect and a third person emerges, Bella, who is born to Nina.

There would be no Bella if Jose had never intervened in Nina’s life with love and his own story of tragedy. He is haunted by a past accident when he fatally struck a little girl with his car. Needless to say, it was tragedy. Jose wasn’t forgiven by the mom and took the tragedy to heart so much so that he had even visited the grave-site of the little girl he had killed. He was never the same from that moment.

Nina finds herself with an unwanted child and simply tells Jose that she is going to “take care of it”. Jose couldn’t comprehend how a mom could just kill her own child…especially in light of the emotional turmoil that has haunted his accidental killing of a little girl. He remembers the mother crying and pushing Jose away, blaming him for the death. There is much me to be said about the movie….it was well written, well directed, and well acted, but I want to focus in on the defining message of the film: LIFE.

I have a couple questions that stem from the following question: What is the difference between the value of the life of the little girl that is accidentally struck by Jose’s car and baby Bella in the womb of Nina?

Of course, there is a difference in the development of each respective girl, but does development determine the value of life?

Of course, the mother of the little girl that was struck didn’t want her daughter dead and mourned her loss, while Nina was going to “just take care of it”; but does the desirability of life from the mother determine the intrinsic worth of the two girls?

If your answer to the previous questions were: NO, NONE, NONE, then you will understand this movie and connect with Jose’s worldview that compels him to do all in his power to persuade Nina to have the baby. 


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