The Pro-Life Message in Horton Hears a Who

Posted: December 16, 2008 by Rick Hogaboam in Abortion, Movie Reviews
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Just finished this cute movie and was shocked when the following words were uttered by Horton:

“They may be little and live on a speck, but A Person’s a person, no matter how small”

WOW!!! That is as pro-life as you can be. When the wicked kangaroo would like to kill the “speck” because of disbelief and the relative insignificance of the size, Horton the elephant sticks up for the lives on those in Who-ville. The kangaroo repeatedly says that if you can’t see it or hear it, then it isn’t there. I think this sums well the argument of those who support abortion on demand. Planned Parenthood would prefer not showing moms the babies in their stomachs and certainly are helped by the fact that the babies cries are muted in the mother’s womb. Not seeing and hearing certainly numbs one into thinking you really aren’t killing something significant.

When the kangaroo later realizes Horton was right, she shows remorse, and when reconciled by Horton’s initiation, she extends a umbrella over the “speck”. It is my prayer that those who would like to snuff life out will one day acknowledge that they have been destroying life and instead repent and extend an umbrella of protection over the unborn. I also pray that Christians will be gracious and merciful enough to go to the kangaroo in kindness.


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