As We Forgive

Posted: December 18, 2008 by joelmartin in Movie Reviews
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Rachel and I finally sat down to watch As We Forgive this week. It’s a movie made by Laura Waters Hinson, a great Christian that we know in Washington, D.C. We’ve been waiting to watch it for a long time, but finally bought it last week. 

The movie is about reconciliation. It is a documentary about two women in Rwanda and two men. The men were killers during the genocide of the 1990s. The women are victims, they lost many family members to these men. Rwanda was ripped apart as murder covered the country. Thousands and thousands of men were imprisoned after the genocide. But years later there was a huge backlog of court cases and these men were still rotting in jail. The government decided to release the murderers if they confessed their crimes and reconciled.

So the murderers went home. And this is the story of two of them and how they try to reconcile with the families of those whom they killed. It is short, about an hour. It is moving, you will probably cry. It is challenging, you think, ‘could I do that?’ Something like this could probably not happen in America. Rwandans still live in an agrarian society where they know all of their neighbors and have to see each other every day. When a killer returns, he doesn’t get to live in an anonymous townhouse, he has to live next to the people whose lives he destroyed. 

Ultimately, this movie is a vivid, vivid picture of the tangible grace of God in Jesus the Messiah. What enables forgiveness to happen in these murder victims is the reality that God forgave, so they must forgive. I don’t know that there is a more real testimony on the earth today to the forgiveness of God for us than the people of Rwanda. Watch this movie!

  1. sounds powerful….one’s forgiveness would be tested daily if the offender was in daily contact with those affected by his sins. Thanks for the link…will check it out.

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