Anglican Community Project

Posted: January 14, 2009 by joelmartin in Theology

Over on the Anglican Community Project blog (one of my many untended blogs), Prof. Steve Lake has some new posts up about his vision for an Anglican educational community. Check them out!




  1. I read it…very good stuff. I like the emphasis on times of prayer in the morning and evening. We American Evangelicals struggle with the discipline of prayer and I have always thought it is more effectively done with others in community. The latest Christianity Today has an article by Richard Foster on the need for more emphasis in Spiritual Formation…it is worth checking out.

  2. joelmartin says:

    Yes, the Book of Common Prayer has two relatively short forms of prayer for Morning and Evening that I find helpful to pray. You can find an older version of them here:

    I love written prayers, some evangelicals tend to not like them.

    I agree that doing it in community is best. I would love to see a church open in the AM and PM to do daily prayer, but that would require an almost civilization-wide change at this point.

  3. Yeah, it is interesting to note that Jesus both prayed alone at times and at other times wanted to pray with the disciples. There is a place for both. I think we have lost the art of both, but especially communal prayer…which seems scary and intimidating for some.

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