The everlasting Christmas celebration…

Posted: January 21, 2009 by mimi in Devotional, Discipleship/Sanctification, Philosophy, Uncategorized

Every year the holidays come and go.  I, for one, don’t let go so fast.  I have always loved Christmas and all it represents, though as a child, I didn’t know all it represented but I knew I was missing something.   When I became a christian, it became all the more clearer why I loved Christmas…Christ.  The love and grace that exudes from God and the sacrifice of Christ can never be contained.  In our bedtime devotion with the kids tonight, the kids are trying to grasp why God made them…which is to glorify Himself.  He made us to love Him.

So, here it is, January 21st, and half of our Christmas decorations are still up.   Our articfial tree (which I hesitatingly agreed to buy before Christmas) is still up with all it’s beautiful decorations and lights.  It keeps our front room nicely lit.  It makes a nice night light too.  I still have a few strings of lighted garland up too.  They create a great ambience.  I delay in bringing them all down.  I kinda get the bummed that the “spirit of Christmas” lasts but a month.  Maybe 2 (thanksgiving preparations usually extend the holiday spirit a little more).  But why?  Even if you’re not a believer, surely the “spirit of giving” and the “goodwill toward men” and the “joy to the world” does not end December 26th?  But surely, as a Christian, this certainly isn’t true.  Now, don’t be a wise guy, I don’t mean we should give gifts and celebrate everyday with gift-giving like we do at Christmas b/c that’s not what Christmas is about.  For most, it’s about “love, family, friends”, being with those you care for, fun, etc…  and all those things are good.  But the ultimate gift, isn’t it, the gift of life from our Creator, and the gift that will keep on giving… the gift of salvation through the blood of Christ, in whom we can live for all eternity?!!  Like, whoa.  I, too, need to grasp that reality more and more each Christmas.  As much as I enjoy the decorating, the meals with friends, creating family memories, singing carols, etc, I hope to echo the gospel that gives us the REAL hope and REAL change that we can Really all believe in, that Christ came to save sinners like us and through Him, there will one day be a day where the celebration will be everlasting…Praise God. Hallelujah and Amen.


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