congratulations, it’s a new van!

Posted: January 22, 2009 by mimi in From the Heart, Hogaboam family, Uncategorized

Ok, well, it’s not so new but new to us.  Yes, folks, finally, after 3 years of anticipation, my husband bought us a van!   THANKS HONEY!  …  But wait, it needs a new windshield… and oh, don’t roll the windows more than a couple inches or it will get stuck…and oh you can’t use the right sliding door…and oh…and oh… OH boy!

It’s our 2nd vehicle.  We’ve shared a sedan for the last few years while we lived in upstate NY that we inherited from Rick’s grandparents whom passed away in our first years of marriage.  I’m thankful for the car.  It’s served us well.  Granted we didn’t “need” a car while we were in NY b/c Rick worked so close to home at the time (a mile) but sometimes it was a hassle to have to schedule things around each other’s tasks.    We’ve had it now for a few weeks?  Something like that.  But after some fixings, I now get to drive it!  Woo HOO!!  The kids have been so anxious to ride in it.  Lexi’s, our youngest girl, has been asking her dad, “is this daddy’s car?” and “can we share this car daddy”?   Kira, our middle daughter, is fascinated with opening and closing the sliding door.  The got to play in it for the 1st time today while I cleaned the garage a little and boy, you’d think we were at some wild park the way they climbed up, on and over the seats, trying on every seat belt.  And oh boy, when I left the back hatch open…whooooa…watch out!  here come 2 screaming monkeys attacking the back of the van.  You’d think I was selling a pound of triple deluxe chocolate fudge banana split, ice cream with sprinkles, whip cream and a couple cherries on top!  or something like that.  Cody, our 15 yr. old missed it this time b/c of that thing called school.  But I’m sure there will be more moments like that.  These girls are a riot.  Maybe you had to be there?  Anyway, it was fun. Thanks honey, for buying the van that gave us the opportunity for fun times!


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