Ashley Judd, get a clue

Posted: February 7, 2009 by mimi in Abortion, Ethics, From the Heart, Politics, Social Issues, Uncategorized

I have enjoyed Ashley Judds’ performances on film but sadly, her recent confrontation of Sarah Palin has tainted my image of her sweet face.   Are you kidding me?? Is she serious?? She’s going on about how “cruel and senseless” (“It’s time to stop Sarah Palin and stop this senseless savagery,” said Judd in a new Internet video for the group Defenders of Wildlife, ) these killings of wolves are yet she is a staunch pro-abortionists!! IS ABORTION OF A HUMAN BABY FOR ANY REASON, SELFISH, “CRUEL AND SENSELESS”??!!   IF there ever was a cause you should support and lash out for is LIFE… LIFE OF A HUMAN, NEVER MIND THE STUPID WOLVES!!  Ashley Judd, if you by some strange chance should be reading this, or if you are her fan, I emplore you to reconsider your ideas of “cruel and senseless”.  Live babies have been thrown out like garbage! LIVE BABIES!!  HUMAN BABIES!!  What makes these pro-abortion people so passionate to save nature and animals that they would lack the common sense that the life of a human baby should warrant more fight and energy than they put into these “causes”.   On CNN,  ” Actress Ashley Judd says a wolf management program backed by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is “incredibly savage … it’s not right, it’s not appropriate, it makes no sense on any level.”

ARE YOU FOR REAL??  This is just simply DISGUSTING!!  Makes no sense, on any level??  Does slaughtering a baby make any sense??  On any level??  Is this not “cruel and senseless, inappropriate, unethical, and unrighteous”??


This only one of the many millions of  human babies that have been slaughtered to their deaths, all because people want to think it’s protecting a “women’s right”.  yeah, a women’s right to murder.

  1. Alycia says:

    Yes but instead lets have welfare moms! even better!

    • ELIZABETH says:

      Yes welfare moms but if we all worked together as a species doomed to die due to our own carelessness, we wouldnt have welfare moms now would we. the world will end or our species will die if we keep being so smart or stupid. which ever way you look at it.

  2. mimi says:

    alycia, what do you mean exactly? what part was your “yes” reply to? i don’t advocate having babies solely to get welfare or any kind of government assistance but are you saying it’s better to abort/KILL a baby to avoid welfare?

  3. Anonoymous says:

    What is that photo doing there? You won’t get an abortion for a baby that size. That’s ridiculous. I don’t know what you are trying to do with these inflammatory words but it’s definitely not objective.

  4. Seamus says:

    I’d rather save a wolf than save a baby.

    Most likely the future human is going to be brought into the world by another useless parental grouping which won’t raise the future human property, and it too will become another drain on society, just like its useless parents.

    Most humans shouldn’t breed…i’d rather spend money on sterilizing people than stopping abortions.

    • mimi says:

      Wow. Sounds pretty inhumane to me. That wolf will turn around and eat you alive. If all people thought like this, there wouldn’t be a human race. Sad that you should be born? Do you regret being born? Are you sorry you’re mother chose “life” for you? I’m thankful to a Great God who has given me value in life, that my life has a purpose. You too, have a greater purpose in life. Your life is valuable to the One who created you. Sir, Ma’am, whomever you are, you too, can share in this joy. Do you know the great news?

    • juniper says:

      hm. well we can all be thankful that your parents didnt think that, right?
      So i guess if you ran the world (god forbid you ever even run the local 711) you would euthenize everyone you didnt deem WORTHY of life? and how can you make this decision?
      who are YOU to tell me that i cant have kids cause im not pretty enough or that my blind neighbors arent allowed to reproduce because they are BLIND and therefore will be producing blind children…and who wants that?
      the implications of your statements are nothing short of the beginning of another hitler
      im quite thankful i do not have the honor of knowing you personally.
      -much love,

  5. Me says:

    I’d rather save a wolf than save a baby.

    i agree, pro-choice people are f* stupid.

    • mimi says:

      i believe your first comment reveals the truth that you know within in which you try to suppress for what could be so many reasons. but i’m so sad for you. don’t you realize that you were once a baby & your mother “chose” life for you over killing you? should bring you comfort of the worth of your life. is there someone in your life that has brought you overwhelming joy? is there anyone in your life that you are so thankful for and happy to be a part of their lives? do you realize that very person was also, once a baby whom was given the chance to live b/c their mother/parents “chose life”!
      i hope whatever ails your mental emotional wounds may pass and that you can see pass your selfish darkness.

      • Randy says:

        Mimi, I totally agree with your right to think a certain way, but attacking people like this is not any way to convince ANYONE of your opinion. I’m not saying either way which way I feel here because this is obviously not a neutral forum. I just wanted to stress the fact: you seem like an intelligent person, but attacking people with such one-sidedness (intelligent response or not on their part) is no way to prove a point.

      • Randy says:

        Sorry that I did not fit this into my original post, but I also wanted to note that this ‘Malachi’ picture is not the original version. In the original version the body of the aborted fetus has a much grayer skin tone, minus its severed leg. This is because the baby was deceased before its removal and was most likely removed to keep the mother healthy. It is still a very disturbing image but should not be respresented as an “aborted” baby… because that is not true in any way.

      • musicaldawn says:

        so what about the meth addicted prostitute who gets pregnant and continues to abuse drugs and her own body and when her baby is born deformed she leaves it at the hospital or at a local church b/c all she can think about is her next fix? What about that child where will it end up in this world in a foster home where it will be looked at as a check, or in the hands of an understaffed orphanage where the child is neglected and unable to recieve appropriate medical attention, would that be a life you would choose.

      • You bring up a gut-wrenching situation that does take place more often that any of us would like.

        We are both agreed in wanting the child to have better circumstances surrounding their entry into this world, but that alone does not justify killing the child. Such thinking leads to a slippery slope where society will then justify killing both babies and children and adults in the name of prosperity for the ruling class. Rather than find solutions for problems, it seems much easier to dig a ditch instead. Societies that have not valued life have acted in such ways before. It wasn’t too long ago when people were supporting abortion for interracial children. To this day Planned Parenthood will earmark your donation to abort a child from the ethnic class of your choice.

        The very fact that you anguish for the child shows that you don’t view them as a glob of cells like some zit on the face, I commend you for that. What I take from your comments to improve the foster care system and orphanages. By the way, I know folks who have adopted children from foster care and don’t view them as a check, although I concur with your concerns that some may in fact bring in children for monetary gain, which I would denounce. As for orphanages, to the best of my recollection, it has been the Church alone who administered benevolence to orphans from the inception of the concept of an orphanage. While they might not be on par with your expectations, thank God that some compassionate people rose up and said that they would dedicate their efforts and resources to the loving care of parent-less children.

        I support the inherent value of all human-life, even the unwanted crack baby. I pray that more people would want to administer loving care and acceptance of such children rather than wishing them dead, or using this scenario as a justification for abortion on demand, where the large majority of the scenarios hardly represent the scenario you raise.

  6. me says:

    i mean pro life

  7. Randy says:

    (Moderate – Note to Blogger)
    By the way Mimi, I apologize for seaming harsh in my posts but I am one of those people who defends all different people’s rights to think a certain way. That being said, I am a non-Christian but am also very interested (and respectful) in/of His word. I am sorry if I have come off as disrespectful In any way as I respect your beliefs in God as much as anyone else’s. I admire your passion in your beliefs as well and I wish you all of the best in your future endeavours. Feel free to email me at your discretion with any other news or opinions, because your point of view is very intriguing to me.
    Randy – 23 – Ontario

    • mimi says:

      randy, i don’t think any blog/forum is really ever neutral. there’s usually a host with some kind of predisposition or thought that drives them to write. it’s not necessarily a bad thing. i welcome your comments here on any topic. one of my passions happen to be the fight for life in the abortion issue & speaking a voice for the vulnerable baby’s fight to birth.

      • Randy says:

        You are absolutely right in saying this. It’s true that blogs are MEANT for opinions, again I apologize if I have came off as disrespectful or hateful in any way. And also, to the others who post simplistic and angry comments, please at least explain your points with a level of respect for the creator if this blog, I understand if you disagree or are angry with the opinions here but do us all a favor and EXPLAIN instead of the typical “OMG WTF” responses that so many people have to put up with, they prove nothing.

  8. *~* says:

    Mimi, i dont think you are wrong in expressing your opinion, but making a personal attack at ashley judd is a little below the belt, and also making comments on other peoples lives when you can have no prior comprehension of their situation is one day going to come back to bite you. and youre lucky it hasnt happen already. suppose someone’s mother died while giving birth? and you still tell them that they should be grateful for their mother’s decision. how will that help either side of the argument to see reason?
    allow me to set up a situation, one which occurs surprisingly frequently. A 21 year old pregnant woman is told she has cancer, in its late stages. she is told that chemotherapy may help her. but the chemo will kill the baby. but if she does not undergo chemo she will die (and therefore the baby will also die). it is too early for an emergency caesarean, and the woman does not have enough time to allow the baby too mature enough to conduct an emergency caesarean. so, she has three options:
    ~refuse treatment and die along with her baby
    ~undergo chemo andn allow the baby to die from poisoning
    ~abort the pregnancy and undergo chemo which could save her life.
    Although she desperately wants to keep the baby, the woman decides to take the thrid option.
    the chemo works and she remains cancer free. she marries when she is thirty and has three healthy babies by the time she is forty.
    Now, did she do the wrong thing? should she have endured and met her death? did she defy gods wishes?
    or, in taking the third option, did she grant life to three other souls? her three children.
    what would you do, when faced with death? is abortion not always abortion? is murder not always murder?

    i think you need to be careful what you say. thousands of women are faced with this decision every year, and reagrdless of what they chose, thay are all owed credit and praise for their courage.

    • mimi says:

      I think it a bit drastic to say i’m “below the belt” on responding to ashley judd’s national outcry for the lives of ‘wolves’. and if i’m ‘below the belt’ in my criticisms of her, then i hope you would think the same when ms. judd made criticisms of gov. sarah palin on national tv.
      i know & understand that there are exceptional circumstances & hard choices for those who encounter such situations that truly value the life of their unborn child. my husband and i discuss these issues often & it’s still a very difficult decision. it’s a terrible decision to have to make and i do not wish that on anyone. MY beef more so is with people who think it fine & dandy to have an abortion no matter what the circumstance, for any reason, they should have the so-called ‘right’ to abort a baby b/c it’s ‘their personal decision’ & nobody else. • The reasons women give for having an abortion underscore their understanding of the responsibilities of parenthood and family life. Three-fourths of women cite concern for or responsibility to other individuals; three-fourths say they cannot afford a child; three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner.[8] (source here)
      the number1 reason women have abortions are selfish-related reasons. this result given from a ‘guttmacher institute research: Less than 5% of all abortions for maternal health reasons. and that’s being generous. * The overwhelming majority of all abortions, (95%), are done as a means of birth control.U.S. Abortion Statistics, U.S. State abortion statistics, by Race, by Age, Worldwide abortion statistics, teen abortion statistics

      * Only 1% are performed because of rape or incest;
      * 1% because of fetal abnormalities;
      * 3% due to the mother’s health problems.

      there are many sites you can search for more stats.
      everyone has a ‘right’ to express their thoughts but not everyone’s conclusions are correct every time. 2+2=4 whether i believe it to be or not. truth is still truth. there is truth whether we ‘believe’ it or not.

    • mimi says:

      i didn’t reply to your question “suppose someone’s mother died while giving birth? and you still tell them that they should be grateful for their mother’s decision.” to which i will do now.
      although i know it bears some pain & sadness b/c of the nature of the death a mother can or has endured, & the impact that death can have on their family, i very much think there should be great humbling & grateful feeling IF a mother should so chose to die to save her child. i think that IS heroic. that IS honorable. and whatever life was given b/c another’s was taken away SO THAT the latter might live, should instill a great sense of appreciation & indebtedness. for a christian believer, i liken it to Christ haven given his life on the cross, so that we may live. for us who’s joy is found in Him, we can truly understand and appreciate that sacrifice. for one who wants to see it as a non-believer, i think an illustration could be likened to a soldier who gives or has given their life to defend another, namely the country they fight for. or like firefighters & policemen. or say, if a civilian should jump in front of a car to save another. the one whose life is spared is thankful (usually) to the other who risked their life.

  9. lauren says:


    BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mimi says:

      lauren, i’m sorry but your comment is a little confusing. are you telling me i should be ashamed b/c i posted a picture that tells of a ‘true story’? or are you offended somehow by the reality of the picture? how am i sick in the head? what is wrong is exactly? what exactly shouldn’t be done?
      firstly, the picture shows us the grim terror of what is going on in doctor’s offices today, everyday, everywhere. you’re right, it is sick. the sheer thought that anyone could do that to a human baby is sick! you’re right, it shouldn’t be done! and since we have people in our world who think this kind of thing is ok, aka abortion, you didn’t say ‘bye’ here nearly enough. you can say “bye, bye” 40 million plus times to all the babies that were killed b/c of abortions.

  10. Objective Thought says:

    A baby is a mother’s possession, NOT an autonomous life. A mother must literally bleed, literally give milk to keep a baby alive. A mother can choose if she wants to bring that responsibility to term. It is every woman’s right to make that decision. Pictures of cut-up babies have zero effect on this argument, fetuses are organized blood clots and nothing more.

    How DARE you try to force your myths and your dogma down our throats! We will defeat you. We are more educated and more organized. Your movement is a fanatical fringe movement that will dissolve as flat earth theory did.

    You are wasting your time. Get out of politics and go back to studying your outdated, bronze age myths.

    PS: There is no heaven you dimwit! That’s just an age-old story that you use to ease your insecurities.

    • mimi says:

      I find it odd that you are asking me how I “dare” force my “myths and dogma” down your throat when I’m stating my thoughts and opinions just like everyone else, including the likes of your side of this debate. I “dare” because I am standing for truth. Truth is is still truth whether you believe it or not. Just because we didn’t “know” the earth was round doesn’t mean it wasn’t always round. I’m not the smartest gal in the world, don’t claim it. But I have enough common sense to admit to the truth and the value of life and not hang on to my selfish need to justify a criminal act. Unfortunately for you, pictures of babies, alive (through ultrasounds) and slaughtered DO have effects, thankfully, on those who have enough dignity and common sense to acknowledge what they see before their very eyes. It’s frightening to think that people can see a picture of a child (parts and all), hear a beating heart and still call it “a blob a flesh”, clumps of tissue, and as you’ve so delicately put, “organized blood clots”. I’m so sorry for your blindedness.
      And as for heaven, I pray you come to know the joy of knowing that one day, there will be perfect peace, a glorious perfect paradise for all eternity.

  11. Life says:

    Your Ashley Judd rant shows how little you care about life and how little you understand the interconnection and interdependence of life. Just because your religion says humans are superior creatures, does not mean that wolves are not important. I doubt Jesus would admire your arrogance.

    It is ironic how many Christians heartily support wars which kill thousands of civilians, i.e. humans, yet they deem abortion wrong. Quite hypocritical. What about the products you buy? Do you think about how they degrade other people’s lives? Do you think about child slavery? Do you consider the impact driving your car around and the food you consume, as well as numerous other activities has on the entire biosphere? Do you realize this destabilization has global effects that kills people while destroying “God’s creation”?! Or are you too narrow-minded to realize the much graver and greater crises existing in our times?

    A fetus? What about Mustafa Karim, a fourth-grader, that now lives in a shanty camp in eastern Baghdad. “The young boy’s eyes fill with tears when he recalls the circumstances that led to his exile. “They killed my father and uncle in front of my eyes,” he says.” What about Khan Keo, a 13 year old Cambodian now enslaved by a wheelchair from encountering a landmine? Is he of less value than a fetus? Why aren’t you inflamed and outraged about these real, intensely painful atrocities? How can you be so fixated on a fetus when children, developed children and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers are being unjustly murdered as I write this?
    As long as they’re not American, as long as their not Christian, right? Are they infidels in your eyes that deserve to die?

    • mimi says:

      My religion does say that humans are to rule over the animals and the earth. Why do you think the world order is the way it is, that humans run the world and not animals? Why is it that animals and humans do not share the same responsibilities? Why aren’t animals going to work and raising human families? It’s not that I’m saying wolves and animals in general are not important. But in the bigger scheme of things, in this case, LIFE of an UNBORN BABY, YES, I deem wolves of lesser value. I would be utterly appalled if anyone chose to save their “pet” over their child in a life saving situation, like say, if both were hanging off a cliff and only one person was able to save one of the 2. Sure, one might feel sad they lost the animal, but if there be any doubt in which to save, one is a lost cause.
      I think it’s interesting how pro-abortion people keep trying to change the ‘language’ in this subject. It’s not ‘pro-choice’ because I’m pro-choice too. I just choose for the baby to live. It’s a fetus. Oh, it’s a blob of tissue. It’s just a blood clot. Medical science proves that the baby begins to form vital organs in the first couple weeks.
      I would suppose that you wouldn’t mind the extraction of unborn animal babies b/c they aren’t worthy if the mother doesn’t want it? Oh wait, animals can’t talk and make those kinds of decisions. But I bet you’d make the argument that unborn animal babies have every right to live to term and be born. But yet you wouldn’t argue for a human baby’s right to be born. I’ve seen animal ultrasound and it looks like life to me. Same kind of “life” one would see growing in a woman but that you wouldn’t give a human baby a second thought if the mother wanted to “get rid of it”. What kind of human thinks that way? Why are certain animal eggs ‘endangered’ and protect yet human ‘eggs’ aren’t? That’s just twisted. So what if it goes extinct? Isn’t that what evolution does?

      It’s sad that ‘born children’ suffer. I’m quite aware that suffering and poverty is going in other countries and it is all tragic. It’s bad no matter what race. Somehow you are implying I’m racist b/c I speak for saving lives of “human babies”, which is far reaching. I’m not from planned parenthood nor a supporter. I’m not of the party that believes certain kinds of humans, i.e. handicapped people, should diminish, which is why many have abortions. No “human” is of lesser value than another “human”. but there is poverty and many sad stories right here in your backyard, our country. what about them? It’s funny how you would fight to save or maintain a foreign child’s life after they are born but those are the very children you are okay with slaughtering first. How would they feel if you said, “oh, well, you’re mother decided to give birth to you so now I will help you but if she didn’t, I’d be saved from this trouble.” comforting.

      Ironic is the your username “Life”. What life? Life “you” and those of your thinking ‘deem’ worthy of living? I think it absurd and quite exaggerated to state that Christians “heartily support wars that kill civilians”. But the fact that it’s a reality of war, a consequence, a risk taken for a greater good. It’s not something I, nor would I say most Christians, if any, gloat or boast about. It’s a sad day when innocent bystanders get hurt in the cross fire of anything, including but not limited to wars.
      Actually I do think about child slavery, or any slavery as we have known it in our history. OF course there are many, many issues surrounding this world but I do NOT count abortion unimportant in the scheme of others. To me, it is just as important and one I am passionate about. Am I being selfish for fighting for the countless lives of unborn whom I don’t even know?
      I practice some things to contribute to maintaining our environment that I need not elaborate on here to prove anything but no, I’m no fanatical environmentalist. Do you still ride around in a buggy or horseback? I consider vehicles a blessing. I’m minimally environmentally responsible b/c this earth will not last forever. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m just going to trash and do all I can to try and destroy it. That’s just another extreme.

  12. Lucisfera says:

    Mimi the brainwashed and her followers. One can never win an argument with ppl like her. Period.

    • I guess you view it as merely an argument, when we see it as an issue of life. We want to save life, love those who contemplate abortion, provide as many pro-life options as possible…and what is it that we are doing that is so evil and wicked?

  13. XYZ says:

    Jizz us, what else can u expect from such a site? More pics of aborted babies, pls. I love them. Its very educative. World moves on without u, dont worry. As long as idiots like u hang around, as long as women are considered inferior and all the stuff , there will always be abortions. A fetus is not a human being. All this bullshit with it having a soul and conscience are elucubrations invented by religion/church. Religion always need more and more slaves so of course it is anti-abortion. Deal with it! Or adopt an Iraqi child, an Indian, Afghan, Pakistani, Bosnian, Croatian one or from Chechenia. Even an African or Brazilian one will do. Or go and get banged bny Chuck Norris, he has the same boogies in his head just like u.

  14. Alex says:

    I belive it is murder but God gives us a choice of worship and those who don’t choose to let God in thier lives, we can’t force them to do anything.

    • Well, if it is murder, I sure hope you would use force to restrain such evil. You’re not advocating an anarchy where people can go around killing with no justice because we wouldn’t want to force that person to stop, right?

    • Mimi says:

      but we have all sorts of ‘laws’ that ‘force’ people to do lots of things, like we are not allowed, ‘by law’, to steal, murder, etc. i mean, there are even laws against defaming someone’s name or character.

  15. Tyler says:

    I dont really agree with this arguement.
    Im not Pro-abortionist, nor am I against it.
    I believe that it is the choice of the woman in question, and should be left at that. But the girl you are against at the moment (Judd?) is going for a good cause, and I dont get why you decided to attack it.
    Those wolves are endangered and could go extinct,
    But I’m pretty sure that humans aren’t really in danger of extinction anytime soon. So comparing the two doesnt really match up. (To me at least)
    I dont think that people should be so upset about these things, because there are always two sides to every story. I believe its wrong if you were to get an abortion, just because you were sleeping around and arent in the “mood” to have a baby. But theres always the “What if’s?” like if the baby has some sort of crippling mental disorder or a condition that would cause it to die within weeks of birth.
    I think that we should just allow people to do whatever they feel would be best, and allow God to deal with them as he sees fit, because in the end, who are we to judge?

    • Tyler, God is the ultimate judge, however we can’t be complete libertarians. We can’t just let rapists and murders free because God will judge them and think it arrogant or wrong to inflict some restraint and/or punishment for their actions. I believe in an ethical system that derives it’s authority from God. Apart from God, your epistemology has no binding authorities on others, which is perhaps why you seem libertarian in your opinions. Would you grant the same freedom to murderers, thieves, sexually perverse (rapists, pedophiles), perjurers, liars, etc? If you would impose some restraints, what is your source of authority? Why should I care about the possible extinction of wolves? Why should I be okay with abortion since humans aren’t going extinct? Do humans have no intrinsic value? Are humans only worth the value society attributes to each? Are animals intrinsically valuable or only worthy of care if bordering extinction? If one is an evolutionist, should he not view even rats as our ancestors of no more or less intrinsic value? If animals should be treated like humans, should they be prosecuted for murdering each other, raping each other, stealing from each other? If one is an athiest, then there is no rhyme or reason to anything. Whatever notions inside they claim to be self-evident aren’t universally true. One would have to admit that they are their own source of authority and will do what seems right as determined by their own senses.

      • Tyler says:

        Well, I do suppose you have a good point there Rick, about how we can’t be complete libertarians. I didnt really think about murderers and rapists when I wrote about letting God judge them, and I cant just turn around and say, “Oh, well of course you should punish just the murderers and rapists, but not abortinists!” Because it makes me out to be picking and choosing. You really backed me into a corner there, hahaha.
        However, by intrinsic value, I do believe that animals are our equals. God created us both, so we are the same in his eyes. We couldnt prosecute them of murder, rape, or thievery because that is simply their instinct, something we lost, for the lack of a need for it. Just because we developed a higher intellect than those of the animals, and can decide what is morally “Right” or “Wrong” doesn’t give us the entitlement to prosecute them. What is right and wrong in our eyes, they dont understand, because it isnt their way. We wouldnt go to another country like say, India, and persecute them for an arranged marriage between a 25yr old man and a 13yr old girl, because that is just their way. Its only deemed as wrong or “weird” by our culture, because that isnt part of what we do nowadays. Or how people see drinking before 21 wrong, here in america, but in france, seeing a child around 12 or 13 at the table with his family drinking is normal. What we think is right or wrong is simply our perspective, Because humans have a habit of thinking they are better than other humans. And that perspective is different by different cultures, just as it is different between humans and animals.
        And I didnt say abortion was wrong or right, I just think that isnt our choice what they do. And If they do choose abortion, the baby is now with God, and I imagine that would be better than living with a family who would abort you without a second thought.

    • Mimi says:

      I chose to voice my opinion of truth of this matter of value of life, in and outside the womb, just as Ms. Judd did about what she believed in, namely saving wolves, though she was able to do it on national tv!
      You’re argument for ‘choice to abort’ is pretty weak. Just b/c humans aren’t going extinct, you rationalize that as an “ok” to abort a human? if the baby dies of natural causes outside of birth, then that was his/her fate. but when a child dies b/c a woman decided she just wasn’t ready to be responsible, then that’s a different story. there are many “what ifs” in life. doesn’t mean we have the right to do whatever we deem is ok in order to avoid responsibilities of decisions we make.
      we aren’t the ultimate judge, but we are called to stand for justice, for the poor, needy, and least- those who can’t do it for themselves, unborn babies.

    • Mimi says:

      Tyler, God created both animals and humans, yes. But He created humans to rule over animals. That’s why we have the order we do, namely the food chain. But God also created humans in His image, not so of animals. And if you’re a believer or have read any parts of the bible, you’d realize that salvation and all matters of great important revolves around humans. It’s not a gospel for animals. God created Adam and told him to name the animals and rule over them. Animals were used for sacrifices for sin, not humans. and animals are created for ‘our’ pleasure, for food, yes, even as pets. They are not our ‘equals’ as you are misled to believe. Though I will admit that we are to treat animals humanely as God is the Creator of them. But then is it wrong to kill a fly? a bee? an ant? are they really our equals too?
      So, if you were in the wilderness with say, your best friend, or sibling, or even parent, and say, you encounter a wolf. Say the wolf hadn’t eaten in days and is starving. His animal instinct is to capture and eat whatever prey he can get his hungry teeth on, right? say your companion became the mark of this said wolf’s desire. would you not intervene, if it meant killing the wolf, in order to save your friend, family? after all, the wolf is just acting like the wild animal he is, and his natural instinct is to catch his prey and feed his growling stomach.

  16. malea says:

    okay, people have to realize that abortion is ususally only used in an emergency. i’m not FOR it but if theres a mother who has health risks or cant support the baby then it can happen. but realize that mothers who are put through it have a very hard time. and also that size baby wouldnt be killed. the babies are about the size of an eyeball, so they can barely feel it

    • Mimi says:

      reality check- people DO NOT only have abortions in an emergency. if you search the stats, 80-90% of abortions are b/c of inconvenience to the parents. that’s not emergency. that’s selfish. when there’s health risks to the mother involved, that complicates things all the more and becomes quite a delicate situation that’s difficult for all involved. but that’s a very small number compared to the former.
      should it matter that the baby is so small, that it can’t “feel” being cut up and suck out of the mother? it’s the issue of whether it’s human or not, humane or not, and if that life is valuable. and according to our culture or liberals, the baby’s life is only valuable if the parents deemed it worthy of life. that’s playing God. i pity the fool.

    • Mimi says:

      late term abortions, alive and ready (to kill babies of “recognizable” size). a baby “that size” CAN be “killed” and HAS and WILL continue to until this barbaric mentality is brought to an end, only by His grace, can we win this battle.

  17. Carl Dallas Hathaway says:

    Hey 🙂

    I’ll take the liberty to assume all agree that education begins at home. . yep.

    So in an ideal world, education should then continue in the classroom up through high school and right up until university/college level – (hopefully a real, accredited, tertiary institution) – all the time being open to all available intelllectual resources ++. Decent?


    So by then, you could hope in this modern age that the originator of this little page and a certain number of of its predictable, dyed-in-the-wool adherents may well just stretch across the intellectulal gain-line… but seemingly no, as evidenced by such pearls of wisdom as:

    “If one is an evolutionist, should he not view even rats as our ancestors”


    “if you’re a believer or have read any parts of the bible, you’d realize that salvation and all matters of great important (sic) revolves around humans. It’s not a gospel for animals.”

    Ad infinitum. Feel free to add more – see above (for sure) and below (maybe).

    I’ve probably met many many hundreds of normal-thinking, un-brainwashed, decent, humanistic ladies & gents in my 10+ years of travels around the world. So maybe I smell a rat, or maybe a wolf!? No one can be that unknowlingly silly. 🙂 Or am I being a bit naive..?

    The way I figure is the central cretin of the hour ‘mimi’ must just be a cipher for most of us with half a brain unlucky enough to come across this page and snap at the bait….Jeez….Again I say, nobody can be that retarded and mean it.

    Anyhoo – what do these morons have agains wolves?!! Beautiful creatues of planet earth! Maybe they’ll outlive us and enjoy freedom with the cockroaches once we’re long gone out to other worlds and galaxies :o)

    **** Get a life. Have a baby. Make sure they have a proper education unlike yourself. Check yourself in to your nearest menetal institution. All of the above.*****

    Carl XXX

    • Mimi says:

      as witty as your comment is carl, i’m sorry you feel the way you do. it’s interesting how anyone who has a ‘conservative, moral, or traditional’ view of life is somehow the only ones who are “brainwashed” and should be silenced but anyone left of this thought is ‘educated and objective’. maybe you should expand your “many hundreds circle of people” that you have met in your “10+ yrs of traveling b/c there are millions of people on this earth.
      so, thanks for stopping by and reading and posting your input. =) makes for somewhat interesting conversation.

  18. Ben says:

    I’m not about to read every single response here, but it seems to me that most of you hear who consider yourselves pro-life have a really skewed vision. Let’s start by talking about the term pro-life.

    The implication here is that the other side is actually pro-death. While that coincides nicely with your murder fantasy, I think to consider yourself pro-life, and then pick and choose which walks of life you support, which you care about, is either hypocritical or stupid. You cannot make up your own definition for life, or living thing. If you do not care about the rights and lives of animals, if you chose human life over an other form of life, you are pro-human. But even then do you care about all humans? Do you care about these “wellfare mothers” that can’t afford to feed their children? Do you care about the homeless people that live around the corner from her? Or do you just let your guts wrench up for a (probably fake) picture of a dead child?

    I would like to point out now, that what you have there, is not a fetus. That is an infant. Infants are not murdered in abortion clinics. Most women have figured out whether or not they want to keep the child before its grown any bigger than their thumb. And this tiny little pre-human fetus isn’t mutilated. Its sucked out as quickly and painlessly as modern science allows.

    Most importantly, I feel that whether or not you agree on the point of a fetus being a human, whether or not you feel that its even moral, consider this: if women can’t get abortions legally and safely, they’re forced to turn to illegal, grimey, and sometimes fatal measures. You cannot erase this problem by banning it. If you don’t like abortion, teach your children about birth control methods, that’s part of it right there. But abortion is like alcohol, or drugs, or any other thing that someone needs and someone else can make a profit on by providing illicitly. You cannot stop it from happening. What you can do is to continue to allow it do be done safely. The issue here, in keeping abortion a safe legal option for all women, is health. The health of your wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, nieces and so on.

    • mimi says:

      I don’t need to defend my sorrow and compassion for those that cannot afford for one reason or another to provide for their child. I cannot save everyone though I can speak out for them. I believe that to a great extent, everyone is responsible for their actions, behaviors, and yes, choices. If you make a choice to have sex, then be prepared to take care of the responsibilities that may come b/c of it. Things happen, I understand. But that does not void our responsibility. One wouldn’t buy a house (or shouldn’t) if they can’t pay for it, right? Do we “have the right” to own a house? Do we “have the right” to have sex? Do we “have the right” to buy a car? No. Those things are optional, choices, if you will. Those are things we “need” to survive, although, I’m sure some will argue differently. I can appreciate each life for it’s own purposes: animals for food/pets, maimed and disabled for their uniqueness. Just b/c they don’t “fit in” does that make them “unworthy? If you read my other responses to the other replies, you’d see (or maybe not) a broader view and understanding of what I value. You’re idea that “its sucked out as quickly and painlessly as science allows” tells me how you’ve justified this horrific act. And you admit that there is pain. And you would be right on that point. Am I making up my own “skewed” “definition of life”? I guess all the doctors and scientists who say the same things are ignorant too.

      It’s amazing that you and the like-minded resort to us “pro-lifers” being “crazy” and “ignorant”, etc. The truth can be hard to swallow. Open your eyes and see the truth. late term abortions, alive and ready (to kill babies of recognizable size). babies THIS SIZE ARE BEING MURDERED, even admittedly by this doctor. Although I think he’s horridly disgusting for practicing such a skill, at least he’s honest. At what point do you recognize the “fetus” as an infant?? Many babies are aborted after your “thumb” size assertion. Just because people will “seek out” a way to do things, does that mean “we should allow it b/c people will find a way anyway”? That’s a ridiculous conclusion. So, according to your logic, because people find a way to do things they want anyway, to murder humans, steal other’s property, rape and molest others, etc, this means that we should just go ahead and make it legal. After all, it’s just a matter of our opinion versus yours, what it is we should censor, right? If this practice should ever become illegal again, as it should be, if the practice is sought out elsewhere illegally, then it should be held as the crime it is. Just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean it’s good to do, or right. People die of drugs everyday. Should we go on campaigns and build groups to encourage their behavior? You’re basically promoting death, just as you are in abortion. Yes, pro-abortion IS pro-death.
      I hope your blinders are opened soon. May peace and mercy be upon you.

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