Gov’t Trying to Serve up Stimulus Bill Quicker than a Big Mac

Posted: February 13, 2009 by Rick Hogaboam in Politics

The Democrats and President Barack Obama are trying to pass the stimulus bill very quickly, thus breaking many promises of transparency, a 5 day waiting period for public familiarity, etc (

This is not the new kind of politics that Obama promised. It’s the same ol stuff and I am tired of it. How can they honestly expect the House to vote on a bill that is near impossible to read in the time allotted before the vote?

Whatever…I’m just an increasingly disappointed citizen of a country that no longer resembles what my grandpa fought for. I do pray that the “Stimulus” works, but just fear that it’s failure may very well lead us into double digit inflation, increased cost of living, and a government that thinks they should spend even more money in response, thus perpetuating a vicious cycle that would actually undermine the public’s freedom.

  1. mimi says:

    And like that big mac, if the stimulus bill had sat longer, and the people were able to see what it consisted of, it would have rotted in the hot seat (like the hot lamp that keeps the burger warm) and no one would have wanted anything to do with it.

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